FIE Fax RE: Women's Epee

FIE Fax RE: Women's Epee

Post by Q8Z90 » Sun, 04 Apr 1993 04:14:30

Why, hello there,

Since at least a few people have expressly asked to see the full
translated ( as best as I can do it ) document from the FIE regarding
the implementation of Women's Epee for the '96 Games, here goes ...

Paris, March 22, '93


Mister and***Presidents,

I have the great pleasure of announcing to you that following the
meeting of the executive committee of the I.O.C. which was held in
Atalnta, it was decided to include Women's Epee ( both ) team and
individual ( events ) in the next Olympic Games in Atlantain 1996.

I am delighted at this decision which shows not only that our sport is
no longer threatened at the Olympics Games, but we are obtaining an
extra event in the olympic program.

This acceptance is the achievement of the ( lobbyists ) that I sent in
accordance with the Board and Executive Committeeof our federation,
and follows the modernisation proposals made for our sport, which have
to be approved by the Congress.

Considering the future of fencing in the Olympic Games was greatly
contested just six months ago, this decision puts an end to any worries
we may have and ensures the continuance of our sport in the current

( Respects and best wishes, yada yada yada ... )

Rene Roch, President ( FIE )

==So, there you have it. French is only my second language and I don't
claim to be any kind of master translator, but I believe I have more
than adequately caught the gist of the fax, if I haven't translated it
as best as could be done ( although this is probably as good a
translation as you'll get for this price ).

Right. Bye!
Marc A. MacKenzie