UT Junior Fencing Camp: June 18-25

UT Junior Fencing Camp: June 18-25

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         The 1994 University of Texas Department of Kinesiology
                J U N I O R    F E N C I N G    C A M P

From June 18th until June 25th, 1994, the University of Texas
Department of Kinesiology will offer one of the most educational and
comprehensive programs in the sport of fencing available in the United
States. Please, join us.

     The University of Texas' Annual Junior Fencing Camp is an eight
day training program for young fencers under the age of twenty. This
camp is designed to address the developmental needs of beginning and
intermediate fencers and also to enhance bouting skills and training
knowledge needed by the competitive fencer. The campers are divided
into groups according to age, skill level, and weapon. Camp sessions
cover a host of activities based on the needs and level of each group,
including physical, technical, and psychological aspects of fencing.
     The staff consists of seven fencing coaches, a physical therapist,
a feldenkrais practitioner, and an armorer. Our staff members have had
extensive experience training fencers of all ages and levels and
represent a broad range of national and international experience. The
entire U.T. Jr. Camp Staff is dedicated to the development of youth and
junior fencers through a positive educational experience.
     In addition to fencing, the camp includes two outside field trips.
One trip will be to the lake for a picnic, relaxation, and water games;
and the other trip will be to a historical area or museum. Campers
should bring along swim suits, a towel, and suntan lotion.

     Fencers should come to this camp in good physical condition and
with the proper equipment. Campers should bring a minimum of two
practice weapons, three to four electric weapons, and body cords, one
lame (foilists), and a complete uniform (knickers, jacket, underarm
protector, etc.). Additionally,  each fencer should have spare parts
for weapon repair including wires, tips, springs, barrels, and point
screws. An armory workshop will be available during the camp and the
armorer will provide assistance in weapon repair for those who do not
know how to repair weapons. Fencers are expected to keep their weapons
in good working order during the camp.

     To register, fill out the registration form on this brochure and
return it with registration fee to: Vincent Bradford
                          University of Texas
                          Department of Kinesiology, Bel 222
                          Austin, Texas 78712

     When we receive your registration form, we will return more
information to you which will include an airport pick-up form. The
campers will be lodging and dining in the Dobie Center Dormitories
located on the University Campus. The camp begins June 18 at 9:00am and
ends June 25 at noon. If you need more information contact Vincent
Bradford at:

                          (512) 471-4405 (OFFICE) or
                          (512) 453-1055 (HOME)

Vincent Bradford - is a faculty member at the University of Texas in
     the Department of Kinesiology, she coaches competitive fencers at
     the Texas Fencing Academy and is the assistant Director of the
     U.S.F.A. Coaches College Program. Vinnie has been a member of
     several U.S. international fencing teams including the 1984
     Olympic Team in women's foil.
Gay Jacobsen - is a two time U.S. National Women's Foil Champion (1974
     and 1978) and two time member of the U.S. Olympic Women's Foil
     Team (1976 and 1980). She is a member of the U.S. Fencing
     Officials Commission as well as one of the top directors in the
     United States. She currently coaches foil fencing in Ashland,
Ron Miller - coached the 1983 U.S. World Championship Team, directed
     the National Junior Elite Camp Program (1981-1989), and has been
     two time N.C.A.A. Coach of the Year (1983 and 1986). Ron is the
     Sabre Coordinator for the U.S.F.A. Coaches College and is the
     Head Coach of the University of North Carolina Fencing Team.
Abdel Monem Salem - is a three time member of the Egyptian Olympic
     Fencing Team (1976, 1980, and 1984), finalist of the 1986
     Montreal International Men's Epee Competition, and coach of the
     1990 U.S. Continental Cadet Team. Salem is currently the Head
     Coach at the Lone Star Fencing Center in Dallas, Texas.
Kathy Lewis - was a member of the 1988 U.S. National Women's Epee Team,
     Manager of the 1989 U.S. Pan American Junior Team, and is
     currently coaching at the Lone Star Fencing Center in Dallas,
     Texas. Dave Littell - was a member of the 1988 U.S. Men's Foil
     Olympic Team and the 1987 U.S. Pan American Team. Dave has been a
     three time All American, the Big Ten Champion (1974), a Junior
     Olympic Champion, and Junior National Champion. Dave is currently
     coaching at the Fencing Academy of Philadelphia.
Aaron Zorn - is a former member of the Canadian Junior National Men's
     Epee Team. He represented Canada in several international events
     including World Cup Competitions. Aaron has also worked
     extensively with the junior development program at the Etobicoke
     Fencing Club in Toronto. During the 1988 season, Mr. Zorn coached
     the National Canadian Women's Pentathlon Team in epee.
John Baird - was the sabre coach at the University of Texas Fencing
     Club from 1985 through 1989. During his career at U.T., John
     coached his team though four consecutive Southwest
     Intercollegiate Championship Titles. John is a U.S.F.A. Level Two
     certified foil and sabre instructor.
Ray Parker - has a degree in electrical engineering and has been
     fencing since 1985. He is a two time Southwest Sectional Champion
     in men's foil and he is the head armorer at the Texas Fencing
     Academy. Ray will provide assistance with equipment repair and
Cathy Billue - is a Feldenkrais practitioner and has been practicing
     this form of movement education for ten years. She is the mother
     of three nationally rated youth/junior fencers and has spent
     numerous hours in the last four years studying, working, and
     developing Feldenkrais exercises specifically for fencing.
Alex Ramirez - is a physical therapist who specializes in orthopedics
     and sports medicine. He will provide assistance with injury
     prevention and assessment during the camp. Alex, currently works
     with the Hills Medical Group in Austin and fences with his son at
     the Texas Fencing Academy. He earned his masters degree in
     physical therapy from Emory University in 1984.


Please complete this form (please print or type), clip along dotted
and send with a self-addressed stamped envelope to:

                            Vincent Bradford
                            University of Texas
                            Dept. of Kinesiology, Bel 222
                            Austin, Texas 78712


Last Name                           First


Age              Sex               Weapon                    Yrs.




City                              State                            




Coach or Instructor


Parent's Last Name                     First


Emergency Contact                      Phone

Field Trips................................................$20.00
T-Shirt......   S    M    L    XL  ........................$10.00

                              Total Amount Enclosed: $________.00

Please make checks payable to: The University of Texas at Austin

Rusty Bourland
Lone Star Fencing Center
Dallas, Texas