Leon Paul- Problem

Leon Paul- Problem

Post by Mr N.J. Mant » Thu, 10 Mar 1994 20:08:07

: > Leon Paul have the monopoly AND THEY KNOW IT.

: > Last week it took them about 6 days to get a GLOVE to me.

: > " 48 hour delivery " ?  Yeah, right.

: Peter Durnall.

Don't I know it!  I ordered a blade for the Merseyside Open
last week.  It arrived the day before (5 days).  At the comp,
it took the armourer 50 mins. to completely reset the tang,
AND then recut the thread just to fit a Paul bolt.  It then
failed weapon control with a dodgy tip!

Anyone thinking of buying Paul blades - either buy over the
counter and examine the blade carefully, or go somewhere else.
Their clothing is very good however.

Nick Manton
Liverpool Uni. Fencing Club