Women's Epee in for Atlanta

Women's Epee in for Atlanta

Post by Q8Z900 » Sat, 03 Apr 1993 02:28:24

Why, hello there,

I don't know how fast news gets around, so this may not be new to you,
but in case you haven't heard...

I got a photocopy of a fax in the mail just yesterday, originally sent
to the CFF from the FIE, and then passed along to the provincial
presidents ( me, for one ). If anyone is really keen I'll translate the
whole thing from the original French, but here's the gist of it -

 Persuant to a meeting of the Executiveof the I.O.C., women's Epee is
now an official Olympic event, starting in the '96Atlanta Games.The
FIE feels that this is a sign that fencing is no longered threatened
in terms of it's continuance in the Games, and this reaffirms that
fencing will continue to be one of the perrenial sports at the games.
The fax also thanks the lobbyists who were sent out persuant to an FIE
 Executive decision ...

You get the idea. I, for one, am pleased as can be ( especially with a
former student of mine doing very well nationally in WE ). Right. That's
pretty much it. As far as I'm concerned, a very positive step forward
for the sport, and we can all perhaps breathe a little easier now.

Marc A. MacKenzie, Pres, NBFA