New England Division USFA schedule (LONG)

New England Division USFA schedule (LONG)

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Howdy folks,

I've been asked to forward the New England Division schedule.
This information can also be found at our web site at:

I've updated the site to include high points information, the
schedule, the newsletter and the like.  In particular is the
competition information (fees, policies, etc.) which may be
reached directly at:

Please let me know if there is something I've missed that
you'd like to see or corrections that need to be made.

Also, if you'd like to get on a mailing list to get up to date
information, let me know.

Thanks, and now the schedule...

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Times listed are the close of registration and will be strictly enforced.
Fencing will start within one half hour of the close of registration.


10   Mixed Foil  "D"           10 am
Sun  Mixed Epee  "D"           Noon
BFC  Mixed Sabre "D"           2 pm

17  Meet Manager's School      10 am
Sun Team Relay* F,E,S          Noon
BFC Membership Meeting         3 pm

24  Men's Sabre Open           10 am
Sun Women's Sabre Open         10 am
    Men's Epee Open            Noon
    Women's Epee Open          Noon
    Mixed Sabre "U"            1 pm
    Mixed Epee "U"             2:30pm

29 MS/WS/ME NAC, Kansas City


1   Director's Clinic          10 am
Sun Men's Foil Open            Noon
BFC Women's Foil Open          Noon
    Mixed Foil "U"             2 pm

7-8 MF/WF NAC, Stanford (CA)

7   North East Divsion
Sat Granite State Open
UNH Men's Foil Open        10am
    Men's Epee Open        1130am
    Women's Epee Open      1130am
    Women's Foil Open      130pm
    Men's Sabre Open       230pm
    Women's Sabre Open     230pm

8   North East Division
Sun Granite State "E"
CHS Men's Foil "E"         10am
NH  Women's Foil "E"       10am
    Men's Epee "E"         1130am
    Women's Epee "E"       1130am
    Men's Sabre "E"        1pm
    Women's Sabre "E"      1pm

8   Youth, Junior
BFC Novice Foil non-electric 10 am

14  Pechinsky Scholastic
Sat See separate mailing

20-21 Junior/Cadet 5W NAC, PA

Oct Novice Foil non-electric    10am
22  Novice Sabre non-electric   Noon
Sun Men's Sabre Open            2 pm
BFC Women's Sabre Open          2 pm
    Novice Epee electric        3 pm

28-29 MF/WF/MS/WS/ME Designated Canadian Elite events, Montreal
28-29 "Big One" College Tournament
28-29 NAC Youth (U-15, U-13, U-11), CO


5 Youth, Junior
Sun Novice Foil non-electric 10 am
TCFC Call for location

11-12 POMME de TERRE
MIT 6w opens
    5w "U"s (no WE U)

Sat Men's Foil Open        830am
    Women's Sabre Open     9am
    Women's Foil Open      1100am
    Men's Epee Open        Noon
    Men's Sabre Open       130pm

Sun Men's Foil "U"         830am
    Women's Sabre "U"      9am
    Women's Foil "U"       1100am
    Women's Epee Open      Noon
    Men's Epee "U"         Noon
    Men's Sabre "U"        130pm

17  Junior Olympic Qualifiers Under-17 (closed)
Sun Men's Foil             10am
BFC Women's Epee           1130am
    Men's Epee             1130am
    Women's Foil           1pm
    Men's Sabre            2pm

17  Masters Mixed Foil     Noon
Sun Masters Mixed Epee     2pm
BFC Masters Mixed Sabre    330pm

25  WE Designated Canadian Elite Event, Toronto, ONT


2-3 Cadet, Youth 5 Weapon NAC
2   Senior Age 6W, New Orleans, LA

3   Novice Men's Foil      10am
Sun Novice Women's Foil    10am
WFC (Tentative Date - Call to confirm)

9   Youth, Novice
Sat Novice Foil Non-Electric  10am
BFC Novice Epee Electric      Noon
    Novice Sabre Non-Electric 2pm

10  Men's Foil Open        10am
Sun Women's Sabre Open     1015am
MIT Women's Foil Open      1130am
    Men's Sabre Open       Noon
    Men's Epee Open        130pm
    Women's Epee Open      3pm

15-17 Open 6-Weapon NAC, Tuscon, AZ

17  Mixed Foil "D"           10am
Sun Mixed Epee "D"           1130am
BFC Mixed Sabre "D"          2pm
    Mixed Foil Unclassified  1pm
    Mixed Epee Unclassified  230pm
    Mixed Sabre Unclass.     330pm


1   Jack Norton Hangover
Mon Mixed Epee Open          Noon
BFC Mixed Foil Open          2pm
    Mixed Sabre Open         330pm

7    U-20 & U-15 Junior Olympic Qualifiers
Sun  U-15 Women's Foil       10am
Bran U-15 Men's Foil         10am
     U-15 Women's Epee       1130am
     U-15 Men's Epee         1130am
     U-20 Men's Epee         1230pm
     U-20 Women's Epee       1230pm
     U-20 Men's Foil         1pm
     U-20 Women's Foil       230pm
     U-15 Men's Sabre        230pm
     U-20 Men's Sabre        4pm
     U-20 Women's Sabre      4pm

12-14 Open, Junior 6W NAC, Harvey, IL

14    Youth, Junior
Sun   Novice Foil Non-Electric 10am

21    Mixed Foil "C"        10am
Sun   Mixed Epee "C"        1130am
BFC   Mixed Sabre "C"       2pm
      Mixed Foil "E"        1pm
      Mixed Epee "E"        230pm
      Mixed Sabre "E"       330pm


11  Mixed Sabre Open        10am
Sun Master's Mixed Foil     Noon
BFC Master's Mixed Epee     2pm
    Master's Mixed Sabre    330pm

16-19 Junior Olympic Championships, Louisville

18   Tom Gorman Beanpot Open
Sun  Mixed Epee Open        10am
BFC  Mixed Foil Open        1pm
     Mixed Epee Unclass.    2pm
     Mixed Foil Unclass.    3pm

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