Imperial College WWW page - delays

Imperial College WWW page - delays

Post by Nick Manto » Sat, 19 Aug 1995 04:00:00

Fist of all I'd like to say thanks to everyone who've e-mailed me about
the web pages.  As you may have noticed, it hasn't been updated for a
while.  The reason for this is that I don't have direct FTP access to the
server, but have to see one of the student's union sabbaticals to upload
any revisions (this can sometimes require an appointment).  The past few
weeks has seen the changeover of sabbatical officers, and as such
everything is in a utter mess.

So, apologies to anyone who's asked to be added to the page.  I _have_
still got all your details, and they will be added at the earliest
opportunity (but after I've done my end-of-ear report and the club budget
:-) )

Thanks again for the support of the web pages,

Nick Manton
Imperial College Fencing Club