tournament schedules - USFA?????

tournament schedules - USFA?????

Post by JB1J » Sat, 08 Oct 1994 21:22:02

There is lots of information about tournament schedules in this newsgroup,
but it is scattered all over the place.  Further, the information depends
on someone from a club having access to the internet.  Has anyone at USFA
thought about a BBS or faxback service for tournament schedules?
Something like that would be particularly helpful for those who travel and
would like to fence when they are in another city.   I have probably been
in cities where there was a tournament going on and was not aware of it.
Any other ideas?

Jeff Boone, Parkway Fencing Club, St. Louis


tournament schedules - USFA?????

Post by Sabre » Mon, 10 Oct 1994 11:01:01

>Any other ideas?

Here's a modest proposal, how's about if USFA would publish them in their
magazine or newsletter?  Every other sport in the world promotes itself,
especially to it's own membership.  

We wonder why the sport is dying.  It's not only hidden from the public,
it's hidden from it's own participants.  Good grief........