Iowa City Novice Tourney, Dec 2nd

Iowa City Novice Tourney, Dec 2nd

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The University of Iowa Fencing Club
        is proud to present
The 1995 Novice Foil Tournament

Where:  Once again we will be located on the lovely main floor of the
Field House.  

When:  We will be hosting this tournament December 2nd.  Registration
will open at 8:30 and fencing will begin at 9:30.

How much:  Each entry will cost a measly $5.00.  

Format:  If time allows we will fence two seeding rounds to a direct
elimination with 100% advancement.  Seeding rounds will be fenced dry
and direct elimination bouts will be fenced electrically.  If you or your
club cannot outfit someone electrically, we will be only too happy to help
solve that problem.

What is a Novice:  For the purposes of this tournament, we define a
novice as "a person who has been fencing for less than one year and
has not placed in a tournament".  No other fencer need apply.

USFA:  No, this is not a USFA tournament.  No ratings will be awarded.

HELP:  Since this is a dry tournament we need all the directors or
wannabe directors you can scrounge up.  This is a perfect venue to
start your directing career.

Preregistration:  We ask that you please preregister if you can.  Either
call our anwsering machine at (319)351-2657 or email me at work

Advance warning of equipment needs will also be a great help.

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