Fred Wach SABRE tourney, Toronto, 25/Nov/95 -- INFO!

Fred Wach SABRE tourney, Toronto, 25/Nov/95 -- INFO!

Post by David Kreindl » Wed, 08 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Dear World:

Sorry for the delay in getting this out....  Some neighborhood
committe originally objected to our holding a *fencing* tournament in
their public school because it was TOO DANGEROUS....  8-P  

So, hot off the presses, definitive information on the.....


The Fred Wach Memorial Tournament: Men's Sabre / Women's Sabre

          Saturday, November 25th 1995, 1:30PM (1330h)

          Closes 4:00PM (1600h) Friday November 24th. Seniors: CDN$30;
          Juniors: CDN$20

   Late registration:
          Closes 1:00PM (1300h) Saturday November 25th. Late fee: $20

          Blantyre Public School, 290 Blantyre Avenue, Scarborough,
          Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The school is four blocks north of
          Kingston Rd., and one block east of Victoria Park Ave.

          e-mail: David Kreindler
          Phone: Perry Stevens: (416) 440-1713

   N.B.: The Beaches Sabre Club is a co-ed fencing club dedicated
   exclusively to sabre fencing. As such, don't count on us ever
   sponsoring a tournament for foil or epee: they're O.K. weapons; we
   just prefer sabre. Conversely, count on all Beaches-sponsored
   tournaments having both Men's and Women's Sabre events.

P.S.: This info is also posted at,


Fred Wach SABRE tourney, Toronto, 25/Nov/95 -- INFO!

Post by David Kreindl » Fri, 10 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Two minor revisions to the info re: the Wach Sabre tourney:

The format for this tournament will be a Mixed Sabre event, with an
*additional* Women's Sabre event *if* ten or more women enroll.

Entry fees for the tournament as posted previously were incorrect.  The
correct entry fees are, Seniors $35 (USD$25); Juniors $20 (USD$15).  Late
entries are subject ot a penatly of $20 (USD$15).

A corrected version of this tournament info is posted at,