UAP Challenge Foil Tournament

UAP Challenge Foil Tournament

Post by Tim Edwar » Mon, 13 May 1996 04:00:00

UAP insurance and the FFE sponsored the 7th annual Adrien Rommel UAP
Challenge Men's Foil Tournament yesterday in Paris at the Stade Pierre
de Coubertin.  142 fencers representing 28 nations participated.
(American Nick Bravin made it to the round of 32.)  3000 spectators
were on hand to watch the final tableau of 8, which went as follows:

Tucker CUB
                15/9  Tucker
L'Hotellier FRA

                                15/9  Tucker

Taddei ITA      
                15/14 Taddei
Bissdorf GER

                                                15/8 Garcia Perez      

Gregory CUB
                15/14 Schache
Schache GER

                                15/14 Garcia Perez                      

Cerioni ITA
                15/14 Garcia Perez
Garcia Perez CUB

        The first bout, Tucker v. L'Hotellier, was much more hotly
contested than the score indicates.  The crowd was vocal in its
support of the only remaining Frenchman in the competition.  Rolando
Tucker likes to attack with a rapid moulinet beat and flick.
L'Hotellier shut out this option with strong tierce parries, but
finally fell victim to Tucker's blindingly rapid direct attacks.
        Lorenzo Taddei prevailed over Bissdorf in a close, but
classically fenced bout.
        1995 European Junior Champion Lars Schache fenced and exciting
bout against Elvis Gregory.  At first, Schache seemed to have trouble
finding Gregory's blade, but soon regained his rhythm.  This bout was
characterized by well timed attacks into preparation by both fencers.

At the end of the first three minutes, the score was 14-12 in
Gregory's favor.  Schache evened the score and then landed the winning
touch after a tension-filled minute's worht of off-targets.
        Stephano Cerioni and Oscar Manuel Garcia-Perez had trouble
finding each other's target at first - there were lots of white lights
in this bout.  Garcia-Perez really loved drama, coming back from 9-14
against to win.
        Tucker beat Taddei handily with superior speed and distance,
relying on his favorite moulinet attack.  Tucker speed often results
in him being at the verge of disequilibrium, in fact, Taddei protested
when Tucker fell in the execution of his winning touch, but the point
was allowed to stand.
        Garcia-Perez v. Schache was another dramatic bout.
Garcia-Perez came back from 7-13 to win.  Schache, who had flicked
rarely against Gregroy, flicked often and ineffectively against
        The final between the two Cubans was well fenced, but
Garcia-Perez was familiar with Tucker's moulinets, and led
convincingly the whole bout.  (Tucker also seemed to have taken a bit
of damage in falls in the previous two bouts).

        In an interlude between bouts, the dance troupe BALLET ACTUEL
presented "DEFIS", a piece of fencing-inspired interpretive dance.  It
was interesting, but hard to describe.   Suffice it to say, that I now
know one more reason that fencing is like sex ;-)

        The FFE also presented their new proposal for an Olympic
fencing uniform - Blue on the right, Red on the left, White in the
middle.  A right hander standing en garde in this outfit looks an
awful lot like Gainsbourough's "Blue Boy".

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