Application of new Sabre rules in Athens and Germany.

Application of new Sabre rules in Athens and Germany.

Post by Jason Rusmis » Sun, 05 Dec 1993 02:21:59

        I was speaking to a Canadian elite sabre fencer who had some
information on the new rules everyone is so concerned about.  
Leszek had spoken to a friend of his who was competing in Germany.  The
elimination of the simultaneous didn't have that big an effect on the
competition.  It was the No Fleche rule that was interesting.  

        Without the fleche, the fencers were forced to use their footwork
and move on the piste (remember distance?)  He said there were some long
15 point bouts (he said 13-14 minutes, but that can't be...)  The funny
point is that after about 6 hits into the bout, both fencers would be
wiped out by all the effort. (a fleche is fairly easy after all...)
Without the extra hits awarded from simultaneous attacks, the bouts lasted
much longer and the fencers had to use a lot more footwork.  Sounds good
to me!

        My information is second-hand at best.  Has anyone else seen or
heard other comments on the actual application (rather than the
implications) of these new rules?  

Jason Rusmisel
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