London-Thames FC (request info on London FCs) (REPOST)

London-Thames FC (request info on London FCs) (REPOST)

Post by Stan Yen - Sun BOS Hardware - Scan Gru » Sat, 12 Feb 1994 01:31:47

I'm resending this because I've been getting errors from my news software.
Things seem OK now, so hopefully this will be the last time I do this...

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Can anyone give me some more info about the London-Thames Fencing (fencers?)
club?  I got the name from an English fencer who is fencing here in Boston
and was hoping to get some more information.

- Phone number, address?
- Good nights for fencing epee?
- Policy on visitors?
- Floor fees?
- 'personality'

Actually, any info about any other clubs where I could work out for a bit
would be great.  I'm planning on being in London for a few days during the
first week of March.



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