Fencing Equipment Sources

Fencing Equipment Sources

Post by Doug Whit » Thu, 06 Jan 1994 23:51:29

I didn't reply to the original posting because I don't have any addresses
here at work, and figured someone else would post them.  This doesn't
appear to have happened, so here's a quick list of US mail order outfits:

Santelli (New York)
American Fencers (San Francisco)
Blade (?)
Triplette (?)

Addresses and phone numbers are typically listed in advertisments in the
USFA magazine.  I've dealt with all 4 over the years, and have been
pretty satisfied.  Most of the time I get my stuff from Triplette, or
American Fencers.  The exact lines they carry vary, as do the prices
(although not by much).  Another quirk to be aware of is that blade
tang threads vary between vendors.  Some folks use US 12-24 thread,
and some use Metric 6x1.  Many can supply either, but be sure to
specify.  There is nothing to compare with seeing the stuff first hand,
so I would recommend talking to people at a club or school to see
what they're using.  Keep in mind, schools may be buying stuff based
more on price than quality.  I don't believe in cutting corners, but
that's not always economically feasible.  Unless you're going for
serious international competition right off, I wouldn't worry about
Kevlar jackets and maraging blades just yet.  On the other hand, I
would avoid most of the Chinese stuff unless you've got some serious
first hand recommendations from someone you trust.

Doug White
MIT Lincoln Laboratory