Philadelphia Division Schedule

Philadelphia Division Schedule

Post by Mary Ellen Curti » Mon, 11 Apr 1994 09:16:01

Here is a list of the competitions to be held by the Philadelphia
Division of the USFA for the remainder of the season.  All competitors
must be USFA members;  if necessary, you may join at the event.


4/23  12:00p  CDE   Open Epee
5/8   12:00p  FAP   Youth Foil (non-electric)
5/8    3:00p  FAP   Cadet Foil (non-electric)
5/8   12:00p  BCAF  Open Foil
5/14  12:30p  CDA   Open Sabre (electric optional)
5/15  12:00p  BCAF  Open Epee
5/22  12:00p  FAP   Open Foil
5/29  12:00p  FAP   "U" Foil
6/4   12:00p  CDE   Open Foil
6/19  10:00a  BCAF  Open Sabre (electric optional)
6/19  12:00p  BCAF  Open Foil
6/26  12:00p  FAP   Novice Foil (non-electric)

+ The competition sites are listed below:

     BCAF   Bucks County Academy of Fencing
            2 Stockton Ave.
            New Hope, PA  18938
            (215) 862-5365

     CDE    Circle d'Escrime
            222 N. Branch St.
            Sellersville, PA  18960
            (215) 257-6808

     FAP    Fencing Academy of Philadelphia
            3617-25 Lancaster Ave.
            Philadelphia, PA  19104
            (215) 382-0293

+ All the competitions listed above are open to both sexes.

+ The time listed for each event is the time check-in OPENS.
  Check-in will close 30 minutes later.

+ All events will be judged electrically except where noted.
  Electric gear is not required for the sabre events;  electric
  equipment _may_ be used if both fencers and the site have the

+ "Novice Foil" events are restricted to fencers with no more than
  two years of fencing experience, who have been in no more than
  six tournaments.

+ "Letter"-rated competitions (e.g, "C" Foil) are limited to fencers
  of that classification or lower.  The "U" Foil on 5/29 is for
  unclassified fencers only.

In addition to the above competitions, the Bucks County Academy of
Fencing (address above) holds competitions almost every Sunday during
the summer, during the official fencing "off season."  These are not
USFA competitions, but we have permission from the USFA to hold them
and they are fenced according to USFA rules.  You do not have to be
a USFA member to come to the BCAF summer competitions.  If you would
like to receive copy of the BCAF summer schedule when it comes out,
drop me an email note with your name and address, and tell me whether
you'd rather get the schedule via e-mail or snail-mail.

Dirk Goldgar

postal:    9 Titus Mill Rd., Pennington, NJ 08534,  USA