Pechinsky Scholastic Tournament - New England Division

Pechinsky Scholastic Tournament - New England Division

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More New England Division Tournament Information...


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Pechinsky Scholastic*, Oct. 14, 1995
Pomme de Terre, Nov. 11-12, 1995
*  Note change of location from Peabody HS to Higgins JHS

Northeast Regional Scholastic Circuit News:   Eric Rosenberg from
New York (800-831-1094) couldn't find any date before Christmas
to schedule the Julia Jones-Pugliese Memorial.  Andrew Bullock of
the Philadelphia Division (610-251-3411) still has hopes for
scheduling the Csiszar during November.  No news from New Jersey
on the Denise O'Connor (Barbara ***, 201-398-2141).



     SATURDAY, OCTOBER 14, 1995


Local Hotels:  Holiday Inn, Route 1, Peabody, 508-535-4600.
               Motel 6, Route 1, Danvers, 508-774-8045.
               Marriott, Route 1, Peabody, 800-228-9290, 508-977-9700.
               Carriage Inn, Peabody, 508-535-1300.

Directions to Site:  Take Route 95/128 North to Lowell St exit (26);
               turn right on Lowell St; go to 2nd set of lights; turn
               right on King St; King St goes to Higgins Junior High
               School Gymnasium.

ENTRY FEE:     $15 per event, $10 if postmarked before Oct 10.
               NEUSFA waivers not valid.

                             Close of Registration Times
            Men's Foil  Women's Foil  Men's Epee  Women's Epee  Mixed Sabre
High School    noon        1230 pm      930 am       930 am       200 pm
Under 14      900 am        900 am     1130 am      1130 am      1000 am
Under 11     1100 am       1100 am    

0900    U-14 Men's Foil
        U-14 Women's Foil
0930    HS Men's Epee
        HS Women's Epee
1000    U-14 Mixed Sabre
1100    U-11 Men's Foil
        U-11 Women's Foil
1130    U-14 Men's Epee
        U-14 Women's Epee
1200    HS Men's Foil
1230    HS Women's Foil
1400    HS Mixed Sabre

Format:   Registration will close promptly at scheduled time.
Fencing will start 30 minutes after registration closes.  Bring
your USFA card to registration.  Bout Committee Chairman may not
allow fencers to participate in multiple events running at the
same time.  You may add events at the site.   Masks and Lames
will be checked.  USFA uniform and equipment rules will be
enforced.  U-11 may use any length foil.


Fencer's Name_______________________________________________
City _______________________________State____ ZIP___________
Telephone No. __________________________  
Club___________________________  Division___________________
USFA NO.________________ Birth Date:____________ M ___ F ___
Rating (Letter + Year): F:_______ E:_______ S:_______

|Weap|HS |U14|U11|
|MF  |___|___|___|
|WF  |___|___|___|
|ME  |___|___|   |
|WE  |___|___|   |
|S   |___|___|   |

No. of Events ______

X $15 ($10 before Oct 10)

Total $ ____

Return Form To:

Boston Fencing Club
125R Walnut St.
Watertown, MA 02172

Make checks payable to NEUSFA.  Entry fee reduced from $15 to $10
before Oct 10, 1995.

WAIVER OF LIABILITY:  Upon entering these events under the
auspices of the NEUSFA, I agree to abide by the rules of the
USFA.  I enter these competitions at my own risk and release the
NEUSFA and their sponsors, officials, and event organizers from
any liability.

Fencer's Signature ________________________________________ Date ___________

Parent/Guardian Sig. ______________________________________ Date ___________

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