DIV II/DIV III NAC registration

DIV II/DIV III NAC registration

Post by AMcBa » Sun, 05 Mar 1995 13:07:45

Please note that you can FAX your entry if you pay by credit card:


Hope to see you there!

Also, a reminder to anyone wishing to be observed for an upgrade in
referee classification: please drop me a note telling me when you will be

Or, even if you have a 3 or higher referee rating and will be able to give
us a day or half a day, please let me know.

Ann McBain Ezzell
USFA National Secretary (i.e., the elected kind, not the
work-in-the-office kind)


DIV II/DIV III NAC registration

Post by solom.. » Sat, 04 Mar 1995 23:05:24

The USFA has extended the deadline for registration for the DIV II, DIV II
NAC in Evanston, ILL to March 8th.  Anyone interested (especially women
sabre fencers!) should contact them immediately!  (719)578-4511

Thank you,

Sara Solomon