Mea maxima culpa - USFA Schedule

Mea maxima culpa - USFA Schedule

Post by AMcBa » Mon, 15 Aug 1994 15:02:03

My apologies - I knew that there would be some changes to this, but
wanted to get it posted. The changes since the first posting are
marked (+++++). As you can see, there are still some TBA's. I will
repost when the information is available.

The changes are:
   1 - the first Open Sabre NAC has been combined with the Jr/Cad
       NAC #1 at Penn State
   2 - a Men's Sabre World Cup (location TBA) will be held 3/25-26
   3 - a Women's Foil World Cup (Atlanta) will be held 5/13-14

The details of the Div II/III event remain to be determined, but the
Div II will be limited to C and under fencers, and the Div III event
(probably) to D and under or E and under fencers.

Again, my apologies for the premature posting of the previous

Ann McBain Ezzell
USFA Secretary

                           1994-95 USFA CALENDAR
                    +++++++++ REVISED 8/14/94 +++++++++

DATE          EVENT                       LOCATION

9/ 24-25      Youth NAC #1                Chicago

10/21-23*     Junior/Cadet NAC #1
+++++++++     Saber Open NAC              Penn State

12/2-4        Cadet/Youth #2              Atlanta

12/16-18      Open NAC
              Fri: MF1,WE; Sat: ME,MF2
              Sun: WF,MS                  Fort Lauderdale

1/6-8*        Open/Junior Saber
              Fri: Jr (noon), Sat: MS1
              Sun: MS2,WS                 Kansas City

1/13-16       Open & Junior Foil, Epee    San Fran. or Oakland

2/17-20       Junior Olympics             San Jose

3/10-12       Division II and III NAC     TBA

3/25-26       World Cup Men's Sabre       TBA

4/22-23*      Open Foil & Saber
              Sat: MS,WF1; Sun: WF2,MF    New Jersey

4/28-30*      Open NAC Epee
              Fri (noon) WE1  
              Sat ME1,WE2; Sun ME2        Colorado Springs?

5/13-14       World Cup Women's Foil      Atlanta
6/3-10        Nationals                   Louisville

* = date change from previously printed schedule

9/12 for Youth NAC #1
To be determined for remainder of 1994 events and Nat ls/J.O. s
1st of the month prior to competition for 1995 NAC events
  (ie, December 1 and March 1)

Note: Some events will have second day for top 24 finishers from
day 1 - see next issues of National Newsletter and American
Fencing for details.