Foil Coach in L.A. area Wanted

Foil Coach in L.A. area Wanted

Post by David Willi » Wed, 02 Nov 1994 15:43:58

I am an intermediate fencer who fences at the Westside Fencing Center in
West L.A. but I live in Burbank and it's difficult to get down there all
the time because of my schedule.

Is there a coach in the area who could come to my home or to Swordplay in
Burbank to give me a workout?( Unfortunately, the coaches at Swordplay
are for beginners only.)

I used to have a private trainer, but that type of exercise is

So, I'd like a private fencing trainer, and of course am willing to pay.

Please email me if you are interested or know anyone who woold be good.

David Willis

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