Post by David » Fri, 05 Mar 1993 08:15:25

Greetings, sports fans.  I'm posting this to most of the major groups  
because I want everyone to check out this project I've started.

I'm writing a big feature story for my magazine writing class here at Indiana  
University on the Usenet News sports bulletin boards, how they work, who reads  
them, who posts to them, and how they affect not only what people think of  
sports, but how they shape opinions on the media that cover sports and how the  
board is in itself a giant worldwide source for a unique style of sports  
coverage and opinion.

Naturally, to do a story like this, I'm in need of a lot of input from those  
who either read or post to this newsgroup regularly.  Thus, I would like to  
hear from you, so I can conduct some interviews via e-mail on these boards and  
how they affect sports conversation as we know it.  If you could drop me a line  
telling me a little about yourself (what you read, what you do for a living,  
your contributions to whatever newsgroup, etc.), I would enjoy the opportunity  
to talk to you about this system.

back a few questions I'd like to ask you.  Any suggestions for a story of this  
fashion are also welcome.  Thanks for all your assistance.

David J. Warner


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