Olympic Silver Medalist Fencing Coach

Olympic Silver Medalist Fencing Coach

Post by j0xu0.. » Mon, 05 Apr 1993 23:29:37

Dear Sir,
  I would like to recommend my mother who is an excellent fencing coach.
  She has more than 20 years of experience as a fencing coach.  After
graduating from Beijing Athletic Institude, she has been dedicating all her
time to the profession.  Her students have had exceptional accomplishment
in the worldwide competitions.Among them, it includes: Ms. Wang Hui-feng,
the Silver medalist of 25th Olympic Games, 1992, Barcelona; Ms. Sun Hong-yun,
the 5th of 24th Olympic Games, 1988, Seoul, and 3rd of World Fencing
Tournament, etc..  She was the head coach of one of the China National Woman
Fencing Teams.
  By using the net, I would like to help my mother find a postion as a fencing
coach to continue her professional carreer. If someone is interested, please
send me E-mail:

    or call me at (502)895-9878(office)
                  (502)361-9301(home)      (U.S.A.)




Olympic Silver Medalist Fencing Coach

Post by ASHE, WILLIAM MONR » Thu, 08 Apr 1993 09:35:00

In reply to your post, Texas A&M University is looking for a new
fencing coach.  The duties include teaching introductory classes.
Technically this person would be working for the Health and P.E. dept.
Also the TAMU fencing club would also hire this person as a coach (a
package deal).  Salary and benefits would be commensurate with a Lecturer
position in the university.  It would a great advantage to the prospective
coach is he/she was capable of teaching other sports (tennis, swimming, etc).
For more information and a recruitment/information package contact
William Ashe
Address: 1401 FM 2818 #172
         College Station Texas, USA