1996 CAN-AM Junior Summer Camp

1996 CAN-AM Junior Summer Camp

Post by Kathward » Mon, 15 Jan 1996 04:00:00

The Hudson-Berkshire Division of the USFA will host the 1996 CAN-AM Junior
Summer Camp for male and female fencers aged 10-19.  

Foil:     July 29-Aug. 4
Epee:   Aug. 5-Aug. 11
Sabre:  Aug. 12-Aug. 18
  (limited to 18 fencers per week)

The camp is being held at the Knights of Siena Fencing Academy (KOS)
located at 18 South Main Street, Mechanicville, NY  12118 (18 miles north
of Albany, NY)

Telephone: 518-664-7845
FAX:          518-274-1489

Web Site:   http://www.netheaven.com/~kos/

The Coaches will include Alan Blakeborough, Brian Crowley, Rod Meagher,
Scott Braman, Marchia Sullivan, and others TBA

Instruction is specifically designed for the beginner and intermediate
fencer.  This would include students who have just begun to compete at the
National level or those who would like to do so successfully begining in
the '96-97 season.

In addition, those fencers who compete in one weapon adn would like to add
another to their repertoire are also welcome.

Each student will have his/her daily one-on-one lesson video taped for use
with own coach upon returning home.

Each fencer is asked to supply his/her own equipment.  If this presents a
problem, other arrangements can be made.

Housing will be provided in double rooms on site.  Meals are included and
will be taken at an area restaurant.

Typical Daily Routine:

7am     Morning Exercies
8am     Breakfast and Clean-Up
9am     Stretching, footwork group and paired drills (including on-on-one
daily            lessons)
11am   Lunch
12       Bouting
2pm    Crosstraining sports
3pm    Refereeing/armoring
4pm    Dinner
5pm    Free time
6pm    Evening activities
10pm  Lights out

Saturday:  End of session tournament
Fencers must be members of either the USFA or the CFF at attend this camp.

Knights of Siena (KOS) is a fully-operational fencing facility.  During
camp weeks, KOS will continue to remain open in the evenings for the use
of its regular fencers. Campers who wish to may remain for extra lessons
and workouts at no additional cost.

Albany can be reached by plane, bus, or Amtrak.  Transportation to and
from airport or station(s) will be provideed upon request.
Plan to arrive Sunday before 5pm and depart after 5 pm on Saturday.
Housing can be provided until Sunday with prior arrangements.

Cost is $250 for one week, $450 for two weeks, $650 for three weeks--
includes instruction, lodging, and meals.

In order to register, please send a $150 deposit by April 30, 1996 to:
Knights of Siena Fencing Academy
18 South Main Street
Mechanicville, NY  12118

Send along with deposit the following information:



Phone:   (   ) _____________________

Birthdate: _____________________

Camp enrollment period:  ____foil   ____ epee    ____ sabre

Roommate Preference______________________

Emergency contact name____________________

Emergency contact phone______________________

Hope to see you there!