AVCA All Am Selection Process

AVCA All Am Selection Process

Post by Hilbert Lesl » Thu, 05 Jan 1995 10:07:54

To be considered for the AVCA All American team one must:
        1. Be a 1st team all region selection
        2. Be nominated by ones instituion before the deadline
        3. Submit the required paper work
        4. Submit 2 ten minute taped game segments, unedited and uninterupted

I think the process is somewhat fair, although a few quality players are
left off because they are not 1st team all region (all regions are not
equal, but parity is closer than ever).  It gives players from all
regions a chance to show the committee how they stack up against the rest
of the pack, on paper and on film, something schedules and politics
sometimes don't allow.  On the other hand, players have been left out due
to missed deadlines, etc. or so rumor had it a few years ago (a friend
worked a the national office one year, he never would give names but said
a high profile kid was left out due to late delivery, OUCH).

Enough of my opinion, I saw the question posed a week or so ago and
finally decided to reply.  


AVCA All Am Selection Process

Post by CHRISH » Sat, 07 Jan 1995 13:07:42

I'm pretty sure the player left off of the AVCA All-American team was Tom
Sorenson of Pepperdine, during his junior year.  ...In case anyone's