Men Canada Spain Tour Match 1

Men Canada Spain Tour Match 1

Post by Peter Biaso » Wed, 27 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Monday night before a sold out crowd of over 1000 the
Spainish National team defeated Team Canada 3 - 2 (16-17,
15-7, 15-11, 7-15, 15-8). Team Canada was lead by
21 year old sensation Paul Duerden. He finished the match
with 35 kills and was virtually unstoppable.

Both teams played somewhat tenantive throughout the match.
The Canadian team had a difficult time stopping middle
attack by #8 Robbles of Spain. Jason Haldane for Canada
started somewhat slowly and really came on towards the end
of the match. Head Coach Clement Lemieux was without veteran
Gino Brousseau. Gino has returned to the team but did not
dress for last night's match. He should be dressing for the
rest of the tour. With Brousseau, Duerden and Haldane the
Canadian's should win most of the matches on this tour.

The hi-light of last night's match was Rob Jansen's
performance. Rob is a Ottawa native and was asked to dress for
the match. The National team has done this before on their
tours but I have never seen a player get court time. Last
night before 1000 screaming fans Rob played almost two
sets and played very well. He scored 4 kills. He also
consistently froze Spain's middle blocker creating many one
on one for the Canadian outside hitters. Rob is a 6'7" 18
year old who is establishing himself as one of Canada's best
future prospects.

Match #2 in Tuesday night in Kingston.

Peter B.