USOF 95 Group Ticket info

USOF 95 Group Ticket info

Post by John Kess » Thu, 13 Apr 1995 04:00:00

The U.S. Olympic Festival competition takes place over ten days, July 21-
30. Events will be held in three Colorado cities: Denver, Colorado Springs
and Boulder.  All volleyball events will take place in Boulder.  Contact the
USOF offices for the latest in scheduling information.  There will only be
indoor 6 v 6 events, no beach volleyball this quadrennium.

A separate ticket is needed for admittance to each event.   Individual
tickets range from $4 to $15 and are available through TicketMaster
nationwide (a per ticket service charge is also added).  A Series ticket,
which gains you admittance to all sessions in one sport like volleyball is
also available at a discount.

A group of 15 or more people attending the same event qualifies for
discounted ticket prices, with no additional service charges. Additionally,
groups can reserve seats in advance of payment.  Groups of 15 or more also
are provided priority seating for the reserved seating events, like
volleyball. A grace period of approximately a month is given between the time
ticket reservation is made and payment is due.  This allows the group leader
time to organize the group and determine the number of people who wish to

Ticket Discount

Price           Discount
$4-5            .50/ticket
$6-10           $1.00/ticket
$11-15          $1.50/ticket
$19.95          $1.95/ticket

These prices also allows you to sell tickets at full value and use the
discount as a fundraiser (call for more details on this offer).

Payment is due on the final number of participants and not the number
of tickets reserved.

Group rates are available on all of the events at the Festival.   For more
information or to reserve seats call Francie Fowler, Group Sales at the USOF
(303) 573-1995 x 2052.

U. S. Olympic Festival-'95 Group Sales
1391 Speer Blvd., Suite #700, Denver, CO 80204                    
(303) 573-1995, ext 2052 # FAX. (303) 573-1806

John Kessel
USA Volleyball Director of Programs
FIVB Technical Commission Secretary
1 Olympic Plaza, Colorado Spgs, CO 80909              
FAX (719) 597-6307 / ((719) 637-8300W