USA National Team player selection/retention

USA National Team player selection/retention

Post by L. Ravi Narasimh » Mon, 11 Sep 1995 04:00:00

To my knowledge, most US professional sports teams have a General
Manager responsible for personnel decisions and a coaching staff that
handles the day-to-day training of the team.  In some cases, the head
coach is also the GM or has input into player recruitment and

Do the USA National Volleyball teams follow this model?  Who is
ultimately responsible for player moves?

I am referring specifically to the controversy surrounding my
volleyball mentor, Fred Sturm.  There is sufficient evidence to
substantiate the claims of a collapse in communication between the
players and their coaching staff regarding the futures of team
members.  Do the coaches themselves have the information to
communicate to the players or are the decisions made elsewhere in the
USAV hierarchy forcing coaches (management) to conceal information
from players (labor)?

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