Getting back to the basics in kid's sports

Getting back to the basics in kid's sports

Post by Denis Trude » Wed, 06 Oct 1993 13:50:01

Kids love to be involved with games and sports.

Everytime I see the smiling face of a child that just made a big play, a
thought goes though my mind at that precise moment:
"That child really doesn't care whose winning."

As the years go by, what happens that changes the child's
carefree thoughts to thoughts like, "winning is everything?"

However important winning is, that child's smiling face is more important.

As I attempt to garner the necessary resources to introduce a book, video or
both, to the world, (the script is 75% completed) I can use your help.

I would like to use your story, about your childhood memory that deals
on the negative side.  Eg:  you were not played fairly, team-mates made fun
of you, your the child with a tear in your eye, etc. If I use your story
I'll send you a copy of the finished product. All rights would be reserved
and the story would not be returned.  The target date is March 1994.

If you believe that we must get back to the basics in kids' sports
I'd love to hear your idea or your story.

Send to:

 Coaching Kids, 81 Tamvale Cres., Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, N2E 3K8