Men's (Club) Volleyball: Minnesota @ Wisconsin

Men's (Club) Volleyball: Minnesota @ Wisconsin

Post by Michael La » Sat, 19 Nov 1994 07:01:47

        The University of Wisconsin Badgers and University of Minnesota
Gopher men's volleyball teams will play an exhibition match at the UW
fieldhouse Friday night, November 18.  The match will take place
immediately after the conclusion of the women's match, which begins at 7pm.
        Fans and boosters of both clubs are encouraged to attend.  If
history serves us, the match should be an exciting and competitive one, as
the rivalry between the two teams is unmatched in the region, with each
winning on the other's home court last year, and with Minnesota winning a
three-set match for third place at last year's BTMVA championships.  For
those of you unable to attend, result post will follow...


Men's (Club) Volleyball: Minnesota @ Wisconsin

Post by Joe Arki » Sun, 20 Nov 1994 01:28:51

Go Badgers!!!!

It's good to see that Jeff found someone at UW to post to this thread for
him.  Please keep us _midwesterners_ informed on the results of the men's

TIA :-)

Joe Arkin

"Work hard, play hard."