USPV News: Journal from Dominican Republic -Day 7,8&9

USPV News: Journal from Dominican Republic -Day 7,8&9

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Friday, February 18, 2000

Today we had an early breakfast and practice without the Dominican
team.  Last night we had the largest crowd we have seen since we
started playing matches here.  I would estimate that there was almost
300 people, but it seemed like many more with all the noise they made.
Someone even brought in a blow horn.  Like I mentioned earlier, the
match aired on national television and I will try to get a copy of the

Practice went well.  We focused primarily on the basics, serve receive
and arm swings.  That seemed to take up most of the practice time.
After practice, we had lunch at the same outdoor buffet place we have
been eating everyday.  The food is pretty good and they provide us with
little bottles of Coke and Sprite, which is nice.  After lunch we
returned to the hotel; we had about four hours to rest until the
evening match.  Several of the players Elsa Stegemann, Cindy Stern,
Sarah Silvernail, Bonnie Bremner made a visit to the local Pizza Hut
with our (much needed) host and interpreter, Andy.  I didnt go, but
thinking about it, Pizza Hut pizza sounds really good about now.  The
hotel had a spa that offered massages, which a few of the players took
advantage of.  I guess it was about $5.00 for a half-hour to an hour
a really good price.  A good massage should make em loose and relaxed
for tonights match.

Our hotel check out time was supposed to be 5:00pm when we left for the
gym, however, somewhere in the translation, it was missed and was
actually 3:00pm.  I had to call everyone and have them pack their bags
for check out.  The Dominicans took us to this apartment/hotel type
place where we could rest for an hour.  Its much different than you
can imagine.  The place was almost like a halfway house.  I guess its
a place for the players to sleep and rest.  Bonnie Bremner on the other
hand was complaining about having so many bug bites on her legs that
one of the locals brought out a bottle of some magic Dominican lotion.
After rubbing this solution on their legs, the itchiness seems to go

It has rained on and off all day.  The first inclement weather weve
had since our arrival.  Its periodic hard rain spells that only last a
few minutes and then suddenly stops like a monsoon.  Otherwise, the
weather is still warm and humid.

Keisha Johnson-Demps was in the shower when the ceiling fell in on
her!!  The entire drywall and grout fell.  She wasnt hurt, but there
isnt a ceiling in the bathroom anymore!

Tonight we had an AWESOME VICTORY!!  The match scores were:

        USPV    Dominican Republic
          25                    21
          25                    22
          25                    18

There wasnt as big a crowd as there was yesterday, but the guy with
the noisy blow horn returned.

Coincidentally, there is a meeting for the Federation Internationale de
Volleyball (FIVB) here in Santiago and many of the USAV representatives
are staying at the same hotel as us.  Bob Gambardella, National Team
Programs Director, Tom Blue and USPV Vice President for Technical
Affairs, Jim Coleman are all here.  After the match, we headed back to
Santo Domingo.  We celebrated on the bus by playing music and dancing
in the aisle.  Kim Young really has the dance moves and Cristy Chapman
isnt afraid to strut her stuff!!  Overall, it was a great way to end a
very long week.  I think our Head Coach, Arie Selinger, was very
pleased the way the team played.  We are all heading to the hotel
*** and bar that weve been staring at this whole week.

Tomorrow the team is off to the airport.  They are going to sunbathe a
bit, trying for a quick tan, before heading off to the airport.  I
heard there was a lot of snow in Chicago, so I hope the plane is not
delayed.  Tomorrow morning (Sunday) the second group of USPV athletes
arrive, so, I will be going back to the airport to pick them up.  Its
a good thing the airport is only 40 minutes away.  What I havent
mentioned, is that we split the team into two shifts.  The first shift

#1      Molly Stark             OH      511       University of Notre
Dame (Phoenix, AZ)
#2      Anne Eastman    MB      60        Indiana University (Chicago, IL)
#3      Kim Young               OH      511       Grambling State
University (E. St. Louis, IL)
#4      Sarah Silvernail        OH/MB 61  Washington State
University (Tacoma, WA)
#8      Lindsay Anderson        OH      61        Penn State University
(Crystal Lake, IL)
#10     Yang Zhe                S       511       Columbia College
(Liaoyang Liaoning, China)
#12     Bonnie Bremner  S       59        Penn State University (Lisle,
#14     Colleen Neels           S/L     59        University of Wisconsin-
Madison  (Pewaukee, WI)
#15     Cristy Chapman  MB      62        U. of Illinois at Urbana-
Champaign (Newton, IL)
#18     Cindy Stern             MB      63        Clemson University
(Cincinnati, OH)
#20     Elsa Stegemann  OH      510       University of the Pacific
(Santa Cruz, CA)
#25     Keisha Johnson-Demps    OH      60        University of Arizona
(Antioch, CA)

Head Coach:  Arie Selinger
Assistant Coach:  Haruya Indo
Medical Trainer:  Jim Beitzel
Team Manager:  Sue Nucci-Ward

The second shift includes:

#5      Addie Hauschild MB      62        University of the Pacific
(Sacramento, CA)
#6      Tiffany Carrethers      MB      61        Rice University
(Houston, TX)
#7      Patrice Arrington       OH      59        University of Oklahoma
(Washington, DC)
#9      Jaimie Lee              S/OH    511       University of Notre
Dame (Spokane, WA)
#11     Christy Cochran OH      511       Penn State University
(Bethlehem, PA)
#13     Jennifer Wrightson      OH      62        University of San Diego
(Culver City, CA)
#16     Therese Crawford        OH      511       University of Hawaii
(Kalamazoo, MI)
#17     Kelly Kennedy           MB      64        University of Wisconsin-
Madison  (Barrington Hills, IL)
#19     Jenny Manz              OH      60        University of Florida
(Orange Park, FL)
#21     Amber Woolsey   MB      63        Texas A&M (Chaska, MN)
#23     Jen Flynn               S       59        Ohio State (Pittsburgh,
#24     Mandy Whitfield OH      60        Western Michigan University
(Comstock, MI)

Head Coach:  Arie Selinger
Assistant Coach:  Ping Cao
Medical Trainer:  Jim Beitzel
Team Manager:  Sue Nucci-Ward

Until tomorrow

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