BYU/Cal & Stanford/Utah

BYU/Cal & Stanford/Utah

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This message passed to me from Brent Laulusa (BYU fan) who asked that I
post on rsv

BYU def. California, 3-0 (15-11, 15-8, 16-14)

Starting with G2, BYU first:

Cal TO's at 8-4 and 12-7
Cal just didn't have any answer for Puikkonen cramming the ball down

Cal TO's at 8-6 and 13-14
BYU TO's at 11-10 and 11-13
Cal made a game of this one behind the strength of its serving.  But
right after
denying a game point, BYU came back with five straight points on Melissa
Layton's serve to close out the match.

Stanford def. Utah, 3-0 (15-1, 18-16, 15-12)

G1:  0-1,3-1,12-1,14-1,15-1
Utah TO's at 6-1 and 12-1
This game would be a great visual aid for a coach who really wants to
drill in
the concept that it all starts with the pass.  Stanford's passing was
impeccable, while Utah couldn't pass a case of the flu.  Yamasaki served
straight points, many of which she served straight at Adrienne Bradley
right side), who always seemed to be caught off guard.  Wasn't Bradley
going to
go to Hawaii?  It's a good thing Utah's setter was short, because a tall
wouldn't have had a prayer in getting under some of the "passes" she
Unless the tall setter were also a member of Cirque du Soliel.  Walsh
was back
at opposite, by the way.

Utah TO's at 9-5 and 13-8
Stanford TO's at 14-12 and 14-14
Utah came soooooo close to doing the unthinkable: take a game from
Stanford at
Stanford.  Utah's passing improved remarkably, although given the
performance in
G1, that's not really saying much.  Utah was also able to put pressure
Stanford's passing, forcing Kagawa off the net to deal with some
less-than-pretty passes.  Still, Utah couldn't put it away.  Then again,
it took
Stanford quite some time to put it away as well.

Utah TO's at 6-1 and 12-7
Stanford TO's at 13-11
This game was pretty indicative of the match in general.  Stanford got
out to an
early lead, Utah made a furious run at the end that almost worked, Utah
match point by going into the net.


BYU/Cal & Stanford/Utah

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>Wasn't Bradley going to go to Hawaii?

She played her freshman year at UH.  But, a case of homesickness and a
lack of playing time led her to transfer to Utah.

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