Canada vs. US - Friday in Winnipeg (kinda long)

Canada vs. US - Friday in Winnipeg (kinda long)

Post by Tom Stok » Tue, 25 May 1999 04:00:00

OK, one more take on the Canada-US matches in Winnipeg mostly from a US

Day 1 - Friday.  Got to the gym late.  IG Sports Centre or something like that
on the University of Manitoba campus.  Not overly crowded.  NICE gym.  Sport
court over the basketball hardwood.  Building is a couple of years old tops.  
Understand the PanAm volleyball matches are to be held there.  Both times I've
been in Winnipeg there has been nice knowledgable people around to joke about
the match, line judges, the exchange rate and anything else.  Bottom line, it's
been a nice place to watch a match, at least for me.

The match.  Game 1.  The US started  Ball, landry, Nygaard, Sorenson, Hyden and
Hoff in that service order.  Sullivan at Liberace or Libero, whatever you
choose to call it.  Canada looked bad, even too the point of bumping free balls
4 feet out.  US 25-17

Game 2.  Cruise control still set for the US.  Same line up.  US 25-17.

Game 3.  Cruise control still set for the US.  Same line up.  US leading 20-16.
Match started at 7:30.  It's know 8:20.  Getting dinner and a Canadian beer
much quicker than I planned.  Duerden comes in for Canada.  Good decision for
Canada.  Dinner and a beer can wait.  Great jump serve.  US goes into the shank
tank.  Canada 25-23.

Game 4.  Same line up again.  At 15-11 US Landry kind of went more into the
tank.  Seemed to be there alot this weekend.  At 15-15 Romano came in for
Landry.  Wife decided it should have happened 3 games ago.  Hope this was a BAD
weekend for Landry, if not the US is in serious trouble.  Starting to get
hungry.   Need the beer to watch the US pass.  Canada 25-23.

Game 5.  Ball, Romano, Nygaard, Sorenson, Hyden, and Hoff.  US gets down 9-6.  
Works back to 9-9 on some tough serving.  Play of the weekend.  Ball crosses
the net minimum dozen times.  Point blank digs on both sides.  Canada wins
rally and goes on to win 15-12.

Impressions.  We need more fire power on the outside.  Got solo blocked
way too many times.  The team missed too many serves.  Canada's middles owned
us at the Canada Cup last summer (Haldane especially) and it wasn't much better
the last three games.  Passing was good, then bad, then good, and finally not
so good.   Canada did something interesting late in the games.  When serving
they would sub out the front row setter for another middle.  Not a bad idea
considering the height they gained. Worry about who's setting later and just
try to block or at least channel the ball.  First time they did it there was
some confusion and didn't get a block up at all on an outside hit.  Kinda
amusing when you think about it.  Anyway, US had some moments, mostly in the
first two games but wasn't consistant enough to put anything together.  Later,