U.S. Junior Olympic VB Championships on TV info

U.S. Junior Olympic VB Championships on TV info

Post by John Kess » Fri, 07 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Sunshine Network hosts and televises 1995 U.S. Junior Olympic Volleyball
Championships and distributed to all Prime regional networks in the USA.
Two 90 minute television specials, covering both the boys and girls 18 &
under finals are to be made.

Barry Milligan and Lisa Gunning will provide the commentary. The finals
are held at the Disney1s Fantasia Ballroom, Over 5,000 spectators watched
the Girls 18 and under finals held July 4th, and right after the finals a
special 4th of July fireworks show took place right outside the gym, with
7 different fireworks stations sending aloft synchronized bursts into the
sky, with a backdrop of a lighting filled thunderstorm that arrived just a
few minutes after the show was completed.

Broadcast times in Florida, on the Sunshine network, are:

GIRLS 18 -      July 7th Noon and 7 pm
                        July 8th 5 pm
                        July 10th 9 am

BOYS 18 -               July 14th Noon and 7 pm
                        July 15th 5 pm
                        July 17th 9 pm

Hope it shows in your area!  

Regards all...

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