Doug Beal Coaching Skills and Tactics Clinic (MA)

Doug Beal Coaching Skills and Tactics Clinic (MA)

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                       1997 Volleyball Hall of Fame

                     Coaching Skills and Tactics Clinic

                         Saturday, October 25, 1997


               Olympic Gold Medal Winning National Team Coach

                                 Doug Beal

           At the 1984 Olympics Doug Beal coached the United
           States to its first gold medal for volleyball, and
           in 1989 he was inducted into the Volleyball Hall of
           Fame. Doug has just accepted the challenge of
           returning the Mens National Team to its world
           champion status and will share his vast experience
           and knowledge of coaching skills and match tactics at
           this inaugural Hall of Fame coaches clinic, held in
           conjunction with the annual Induction Weekend.

           As a special bonus, at the conclusion of the formal
           clinic sessions, all registrants will have the
           opportunity to attend the championship match of the
           1997 Induction Tournament and see how the drills and
           tactics discussed in the classroom are applied in
           game conditions.


           Featuring the Head Coach of the U.S. Mens National
           Team, Doug Beal, the clinic will cover:

            *  offensive and defensive systems
            *  tactics and match management
            *  drills and drill development
            *  a special bonus session involving analysis of
               game action in the Championship Match of the
               Induction Tournament.


           The clinic will be held on campus at Smith College in
           Northampton, Massachusetts.

           Advance registration $75.  Registration form online.
           For more information contact the Volleyball

           mail at: P.O. Box 1895, Holyoke, MA 01041, by fax at:
           (413)539-6673 or by phone at: (413)536-0926

           Induction Weekend Events

           Those who can make the appropriate arrangements may
           be interested in attending the Enshrinement Ceremony,
           the Presidents Luncheon, and the Celebration Dinner
           on Friday, October 24. Those to be honored include:
           UCLAs womens coach Andy Banachowski, inducted as a
           coach for his record as the winningest coach in
           womens volleyball history and winner of six national
           championships; Al Monaco, first executive director of
           USA Volleyball, inducted as a leader; and Pete
           Velasco, inducted as a player, a participant in the
           first two Olympics for volleyball and captain of the
           US team in the first Olympic volleyball competition
           in 1964.

           The Induction Tournament, featuring six*** womens
           NCAA Division III volleyball teams, will be contested
           Friday evening, October 24, and all day Saturday,
           October 25, at Smith and Mt. Holyoke Colleges. The
           Championship Match will be played at Smith College at
           5:30 p.m. on Saturday.

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