Beach Volleyball Skill Video Script

Beach Volleyball Skill Video Script

Post by John Kess » Fri, 06 Jan 1995 14:39:30

OK RSVers.  I am finishing the first draft of the 1996 FIVB Beach Volleyball
Technical Video.  I will be faxing it to Switerland on Jan 10th, when Dr.
Acosta returns from his vacation at home in Mexico.  What dawned on me was
that while I talk with Singin and others about the film, that the grassroot
player is who this is mostly directed at.  The footage will be shot during the
1996 games, so it will be very diverse in race, both genders, and the best
players in the world.  It also will have the Olympic rings in the background,
something nice for beach volleyball aficianados.  Slow motion, graphics,
freeze frame and all that.

My question is, what do you want to make sure is on there.  Basic 6 skills,
the unique shots, like cobra, sky ball serves, team strategies...that will be
there.  The FIVB is going all out on this project, so the sky is the limit.  
There will be net cams and all, but this is not TV footage, it will be
cameramen focused on the players before and after contact.  Overhead shots are
still being discussed, when I get to my FIVB Technical Committee meetings Jan
29-Feb 6th in Lausanne.

Post your replies for us all to thread on, or email me at

Thanks all.

PS I also plan to put it into CD rom form...


Beach Volleyball Skill Video Script

Post by Brian D. O'Kee » Fri, 06 Jan 1995 23:34:36


>My question is, what do you want to make sure is on there.

I'd love to see something about jumping (approach, feet placement)
in sand versus jumping on harder surfaces. For me, this is the biggest
obstacle to overcome in to make the transition from indoor/grass to

John, I hope this is the kind of feedback you're looking for.



Beach Volleyball Skill Video Script

Post by Diane W » Sat, 07 Jan 1995 09:48:32

Sky ball serve John!
~~Lady Di


Beach Volleyball Skill Video Script

Post by Spike4 » Thu, 19 Jan 1995 04:43:11

I'm sure that you will address the sticky (pun intended) issue of hand
setting.  As a player on the east coast, I've noticed that hand setting is
called differently from location to location.  
he issue of hand sets seems to be worth explaining prior to the Olympics.
When most folks who may not play a lot of volleyball see an outdoor hand
set, they look in disbelief as the players basically throw the ball to the
hitter.  Obviously, some do "throw" the ball.  I don't know how they will
call "hands" during the Olympics, but it would be interesting to see how
they define a
 legal outdoor hand set.  Also, how do you know a "clean" beach dig from
one that's is illegal -- issue of "what is hard-driven?"

I'm not sure if my understanding of your program is clear, but those are
just a couple of issues I'd like to addressed.

Good luck.