karch/sinjin setting

karch/sinjin setting

Post by Scott Jeffrey Markows » Wed, 31 Aug 1994 01:30:44

Found out Al Scates this last weekend
that there was one tournament in which
the national team played in in which their  
setter was injured so karch set for them.
Otherwise I guess Karch has never set for
the national team except for maybe in practice.  
I just remember that this was a topic of
conversation not to far back.

Another thing he was telling me was
that Sinjin bump sets on the beach simply
because he isn't very good at setting.  He's
ok at setting but not great.  He did set for
UCLA however,  and supposedly did pretty well
because he keep the hitters' confidence levels
up since he (sinjin) took the blame for
everything.  So basicly, you had a bunch of
hitters going around thinking they were doing
alright its just that they kept getting
really bad sets.  (Which wasn't really true)
He also mentioned that this is why Stoklos is
having a hard time winning now since he
doesn't have Sinjin to keep his confidence
levels up.  I don't know how much of this
last paragraph was exaggerated/simplified for
story telling purposes but it is at least true
to some degree and I found that interesting.

Scott Marks

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