Cal vs Wisconsin-Green Bay results...

Cal vs Wisconsin-Green Bay results...

Post by y_.. » Mon, 13 Sep 1999 04:00:00

For those interested......

The Cal women's team won over Wisconsin-Green Bay in 3 games -
15-1, 15-1, 15-4 (may have been 15-5?).  It was a pretty
impressive win, and the blowout allowed HC Rich Feller to try
a few wrinkles in a real match.  And this also means that Cal
has a winning record at 3-2 (losses to Hawaii and Colorado),
which I haven't seen since I started coming to matches last year.
Cal finished at 7-22 last season.  I can't find and info
about the Wisconsin-Green Bay record, but they were 2-2 as of Sept
8, but played 4 matches since (can't find any results).  They
finshed at 3-30 last season.

I really can't say much about the first two games - they were
over rather quickly.  The third game had some interesting
strategy going on.  It looked like a 5-2 at times, with
6'0" setter Candace MacNamee playing middle blocker in the front.
The team is kinda thin on MBs, with a few injuries.  MB Kelly Meyer
came into the match in the middle of the third game to lots of
applause from one side of the audience.

And I started to post about the Wed home win over Eastern Washington,
which went to the NCAA Tournament last season.  Unfortunately
my browser crashed just before I was going to send.  They won
15-13 (was 13-5 at one time), 15-5, 15-9.

One thing of note was that the volunteer coach (announced at the
match but not in the programs or media guide) is Paula McNamee.
Kinda interesting since I thought she played at Stanford.  :-)

Next matches for Cal are on the road against the Washington
schools.  Next home match will be against Stanford on Sept 21
at the RSF Field House in Berkeley.

I'm sill looking forward to seeing matches at Haas Pavilion (seating
of over 12,000) which theoretically should have been ready by now.
My understanding is that the first match there will be when the
L.A. schools come to town in October.

Yu-Ping Wang
Berkeley, California

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Cal vs Wisconsin-Green Bay results...

Post by RAYMI » Tue, 14 Sep 1999 04:00:00

Wisc.-GB was at the Fresno State Tournament over the weekend. I don't have
scores... but they went 0-4, with losses to Fresno State, ***Roberts, Cal
Poly-SLO,  and Eastern Washington.

Ray Mink


>Date: Sun, 12 September 1999 07:08 PM EDT
> I can't find and info
>about the Wisconsin-Green Bay record, but they were 2-2 as of Sept
>8, but played 4 matches since (can't find any results).  They
>finshed at 3-30 last season.