USA/NCAA/Men: Heads up to Southern California volleyfans; USC at Long Beach on Saturday Night

USA/NCAA/Men: Heads up to Southern California volleyfans; USC at Long Beach on Saturday Night

Post by Ravi Narasimh » Sun, 26 Mar 2000 04:00:00

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Do NOT miss this one.  USC travels down the road to Long Beach in a
rematch of last year's MPSF playoffs in which the Trojans beat the
eventual NCAA runnersup in 4 games.  Both coaching staffs have been
attending the other team's matches, the charts have been broken down,
the matchup scenarios played out, and the motivational speeches written.

The Coach Ray Ratelle Farewell Tour began unexpectedly a few days ago at
Loyola Marymount where the home team's PA man gave an eloquent speech
honoring the 18-year 49er headman, stepping down at the end of this
season.  Long Beach State will have a ceremony prior to tonight's
match.  Ratelle, Alan Knipe, and our net.pal Andy Read will go against
the quiet, unassuming and increasingly dapper Pat Powers, Beach alumnus
Turhan Douglas, and Laura Ames in the EPIC coaching battle.  

And when I say heads up, I do mean heads up as the contest will feature
two dangerous but erratic opposites in David McKienzie and Brook
Billings.  Get there early because it should be crowded and stay awake
in the cheap seats because when one of those boys gets a hold of one, it
could be coming at you on the fly.

It is sorely tempting to watch this match from near the net because the
verbiage will be a-flyin', WWF style.
Just listen to the prematch commentary:

Coach Powers: "They have a great facility," Powers said. "The players
tend to recruit each other. There are good guys on their team and that
feeds off itself."
[Translation: "Remember that night in Provo, Forty Niners!  We stopped
you in the middle, we shut down your outsides, we did it in the altitude
and the thin air and without any *** since we were in FREAKIN'
Provo.  We took you DOWN in the Fieldhouse and we'll take you DOWN in
your house.]

After the Pepperdine match last week, Coach Read of CSULB was heard to
"The 49ers return home on Saturday Night to take on the USC Trojans...
One thing about this league is if you look ahead, you'll no doubt
stumble at something at your feet.  Up next is Loyola and that's the
only team on our schedule right now."  
[Translation: " "We shall go on to the end; we shall fight on the seas
and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength
in the air; we shall defend our land, whatever the cost may be; we shall
fight on the mountains, we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall
fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the valleys;
we shall never give in."

The details:
USC at Long Beach State
The Pyramid at CSULB
7:30pm start, Saturday 25 March 2000

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Ravi Narasimhan
Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, UCLA