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EL SEGUNDO, CALIF. - For the second-straight season, the Evian
Women's Pro Beach Volleyball Tour returns to Huntington Beach,
Calif., Aug. 16-18 for the 10th annual Evian National

The $100,000 Evian National Championships will be the 13th Evian
Tour stop on the 1996 schedule and the third of four "major" events
this season.

The Evian National Championships will be played on five sand
volleyball courts at The Pier  in Huntington Beach starting at 1
p.m. (PDT) Aug. 16 with two rounds of championship competition.
Play continues at 9 a.m. Aug. 17 with six rounds of play.  Eight
teams advance to Aug. 18's final eight matches starting at 8 a.m.

The Evian National Championships will be the fifth Evian Tour event
aired by ABC Sports this season with "same-day" coverage of the
Aug. 18 championship match.  Terry Gannon of Raleigh, N. C., and
Maria Barnes of Irvine, Calif., will handle the commentary.

Prior to the Evian National Championships, the Evian Tour stages
the Evian Invitational in New York's Central Park (Aug. 8-11) on
Rumsey Playfield.

Olympians Barbra Fontana Harris and Linda Hanley are currently the
top-seeded team on the Evian Tour.  The pair won the first "major"
title in 1996 by downing Janice Harrer and Gayle Stammer 15-11 to
win the $100,000 Evian U. S. Open in Ocean City, Md., June 16.

The Evian Tour will be staging its fifth event in Huntington Beach.
Holly McPeak teamed with Nancy Reno to win the 1995 Huntington stop
by defeating Linda Hanley and Karolyn Kirby 15-11 in the finals to
claim the Evian National Championships at The Pier.

The Women's Professional Volleyball Association, which is nearing
the end of its 10th-season of operation, staged two Huntington
Beach events in 1989 and one tournament in 1990.  Patty Dodd was
part of the first three winning teams as she teamed with Jackie
Silva for the 1989 titles and with Karolyn Kirby for the 1990

The 1990 win was the first of a record 58 event titles for Kirby,
including 12 "major" titles.  Kirby and Liz Masakayan have won
eight of the last 12 "major" titles, including the first two during
the 1995 season in Hermosa Beach, Calif., and Newport, R. I.

McPeak and Reno captured the final two "major" events in 1995 at
Huntington Beach and in Kauai before Fontana Harris and Hanley's
first "win" together in Ocean City.

Following the Evian National Championships, the Evian Tour stages
its final three events in Portland, Ore. (Aug. 31-Sept. 1), Hawaii
(Sept. 13-15) for the Best of the Beach III competition, and San
Francisco (Sept. 28-29) for the Tournament of Champions.

The Evian Tour opened the season with six different winning tandems
in the first 11 events.  The 1996 campaign started indoor events in
Fairfax, Va. and New York, and outdoor stops in Deerfield Beach,
Fla., Puerto Rico, Hermosa Beach, Calif., San Diego, Austin, Tex.,
Ocean City, Newport, R.I., Chicago and Long Beach, Calif..

Kirby and Christine Schaefer scored upset wins over McPeak and Reno
(15-13) and Liz Masakayan and Angela Rock (15-4) to win the $21,000
first-place prize in the Fairfax, Va. indoor opener Feb. 3.

McPeak and Reno rebounded at the New York indoor event (Feb. 24) by
capturing the record $31,500 first-place prize by downing Masakayan
and Rock 15-13 in the finals.

With ABC Sports covering the outdoor opener in Deerfield Beach,
McPeak and Reno posted six-straight wins to capture the first-place
prize, including a 15-8 win over Masakayan and Rock in the Apr. 7

Following two FIVB events in Brazil, the domestic competition
resumed with McPeak and Lisa Arce defeating Rock and Patty Dodd 15-
10 to win the Coors Light Beach Volley '96 Apr. 28 in Puerto Rico.

Fontana Harris and Hanley captured their first domestic win
together by scoring two upset wins in the Olympic Crossing rounds
at the Evian Hermosa Beach Open, including a 12-11 decision over
Kirby and Reno in the May 5 ABC televised finale.  

Kirby and Reno avenged the Hermosa setback by capturing the San
Diego Open (May 19) with a 6-0 match mark, including a 15-9 win
over Fontana Harris and Hanley in the championship match.

With McPeak and Reno competing together in the Evian Austin Open
(May 31-June 2), the pair posted six straight wins enroute to their
11th domestic title together.  Arce and Kirby lost the Texas finale
to McPeak and Reno 15-7.

Fontana Harris and Hanley returned to the winner's circle with
back-to-back titles in Ocean City and Newport.  McPeak and Reno
"tuned" up for the Olympics with a 15-11 championship win over
Fontana Harris and Hanley in Chicago.

In a marathon finale in Newport, Fontana Harris and Hanley
outlasted Kirby and Rock 22-20.  The championship match was the
highest-scoring title match in Evian Tour history along with tying
the mark as the highest overall match in terms of total points.

While the tandems of McPeak/Reno (fifth in the Olympics), Fontana
Harris/Hanley (fourth) and Castro/Richardson (ninth) were preparing
for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games, Kirby and Rock defeated Arce
and Dodd 15-11 to win the Long Beach Open.

Led by Kirby, six players are competing for the 10th-season on the
Evian Tour.  Kirby is the winningest player with 58 career titles
and $402,724.13 in earnings.  Other 10-season veterans are Jackie
Campbell, Castro (three event titles, $189,081.13), Harrer (12
titles, $182,507.75), Roque (three titles, $217,917.21) and Stammer
(one title).

Here are the top 12 finishers in each of the first nine Evian
National Championships.

                         Aug. 1-2, 1987, Pismo Beach, Calif.
 1st Linda Chisholm\Jackie Silva
 2nd Kathy Gregory\Janice Harrer
 3nd Linda Hanley\Nina Matthies
 4th Patty Dodd\Dale Hall
 5th Elaine Roque\Julie Thornton
     Jeanne Goldsmith\Lori Forsythe
 7th Liz Masakayan\Angela Rock
     Cindy Cochrane\Lisa Strand-Ma'a
 9th Jackie Campbell\Jan Corley
     Gayle Stammer\Kelly VanWinden
     Karen Gysin\Roberta McGann
     Gail Castro\Heather Hafner

                         Aug. 6-7, 1988, Pismo Beach, Calif.
 1st Linda Chisholm\Jackie Silva
 2nd Nina Matthies\Julie Thornton
 3nd Janice Harrer\Elaine Roque
 4th Gail Castro\Lori Forsythe
 5th Liz Masakayan\Angela Rock
     Patty Dodd\Lisa Strand-Ma'a
 7th Dale Hall\Paula Weishoff
     Kathy Gregory\Kathy Hanley
 9th Evelyn Conley\Karen Gysin
     Judy Bellomo\Jeanne Goldsmith
     Robin Enciso\Anne Hansen
     Lori Biller\Roxana Vargas

                      Aug. 26-27, 1989, Will Rogers St., Calif.
 1st Rita Crockett\Jackie Silva
 2nd Nina Matthies\Elaine Roque
 3nd Gail Castro\Lori Forsythe
 4th Judy Bellomo\Lisa Strand-Ma'a
 5th Patty Dodd\Liz Masakayan
     Linda Chisholm\Janice Harrer
 7th Dale Hall\Karolyn Kirby
     Anne Hansen\Margie Wiher
 9th Mary Jo Peppler\Dennie Shupryt-Knoop
     Bonnie Fisk\C***te Roach
     Kathy Hanley\Deb Richardson
     Evelyn Conley\Mary Diamond

                          Aug. 17-19, 1990, Laughlin, Nev.
 1st Nina Matthies\Elaine Roque
 2nd Rita Crockett\Angela Rock
 3nd Karolyn Kirby\Jackie Silva
 4th Linda Chisholm\Janice Harrer
 5th Patty Dodd\Lisa Strand-Ma'a
     Gail Castro\Lori Forsythe
 7th Christa Cook\Jill Halsted
     Heather Hafner\Alison Johnson
 9th Dennie Shupryt-Knoop\Gayle Stammer
     Lori Biller\Jeanne Goldsmith
     Robin Enciso\Caron Janc
     Kathy Hanley\Nancy Reno

                          Aug. 23-25, 1991, Las Vegas, Nev.
 1st Linda Chisholm\Liz Masakayan (4th-seed)
 2nd Deb Richardson\Jackie Silva (6)
 3nd Gail Castro\Lori Forsythe (3)
 4th Karolyn Kirby\Angela Rock (1)
 5th Janice Harrer\Elaine Roque (2)
     Rita Crockett\Lisa Strand-Ma'a (9)
 7th Barbra Fontana\Holly McPeak (5)
     Alison Johnson\Gayle Stammer (7)
 9th Cammy Ciarelli\Diane Pestolesi (11)
     Shannon Millen\Maggie Paes (23)
     Marla O'Hara\Dennie Shupryt-Knoop (8)
     Marie Andersson\Patty Dodd (10)

                      Aug. 22-23, 1992, Manhattan Beach, Calif.
 1st Karolyn Kirby\Nancy Reno (2)
 2nd Angela Rock\Jackie Silva (3)
 3nd Patty Dodd\Elaine Roque (5)
 4th Ali Johnson\Dennie Shupryt-Knoop (10)
 5th Cammy Ciarelli\Holly McPeak (4)
     Linda Chisholm\Liz Masakayan (1)
 7th Rita Crockett\Lori Forsythe (8)
     Gail Castro\Janice Harrer (6)
 9th Lori Biller\C***te Roach (11)
     Barbra Fontana\Deb Richardson (7)
     Nina Matthies\Gayle Stammer (9)
     Marla O'Hara\Maggie Paes (13)

                      Aug. 21-22, 1993, Manhattan Beach, Calif.
 1st Karolyn Kirby\Liz Masakayan (1)
 2nd Gail Castro\Elaine Roque (3)
 3nd Barbra Fontana\Lori Forsythe (2)
 4th Deb Richardson\Dennie Shupryt-Knoop (4)
 5th Jackie Campbell\Monique Oliver (9)
     Wendy Fletcher\Marla O'Hara (7)
 7th Kengy Gardiner\Christine Schaefer (14)
     Lori Biller\Alison Johnson (6)
 9th Janice Harrer\Shannon Millen (5)
     Mary Jane Smith\Margie Wiher (23)
     C***te Roach\Gayle Stammer (8)
     Krista Blomquist\Johanna Wright (12)

                      Aug. 19-21, 1994, Manhattan Beach, Calif.
 1st Karolyn Kirby\Liz Masakayan (1)
 2nd Barbra Fontana\Lori Forsythe (2)
 3rd Deb Richardson\Dennie Shupryt-Knoop (3)
 4th Monique Oliver\Gayle Stammer (4)
 5th Jackie Campbell\C***te Roach (8)
     Lisa Arce\Janice Harrer (7)
 7th Lucy Han\Helen Reale (12)
     Krista Blomquist\Johanna Wright (9)
 9th Kengy Gardiner\Christine Schaefer (6)
     Michal Clingman\Jeanne Goldsmith (20)
     Cherry Simkins\Darina Staneva (26)
     Kristi Atkinson\Danalee Bragado (11)

                     Aug. 18-20, 1995, Huntington Beach, Calif.
 1st Holly McPeak\Nancy Reno (1)
 2nd Linda Hanley\Karolyn Kirby (2)
 3rd Liz Masakayan\Angela Rock (3)
 4th Lisa Arce\Patty Dodd (7)
 5th Karrie Poppinga\Deb Richardson (8)
     Elaine Roque\Dennie Shupryt-Knoop (5)
 7th Gail Castro\Lori Forsythe (4)
     Marie Andersson\Krista Blomquist (12)
 9th Cammy Ciarelli\Barb Fontana Harris (6)
     Valinda Hilleary\Leanne Schuster (20)
     Christine Schaefer\Gayle Stammer (9)
     Jackie Campbell\Janice Harrer (11)