USPV News: Journal from Dominican Republic -Day 4&5

USPV News: Journal from Dominican Republic -Day 4&5

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Wednesday, February 16, 2000

This morning was interesting in the fact that Yang Zhe and I spent the
morning in the U.S. Consulate getting her the proper visa papers for re-
entry into the United States, while the rest of the team practiced.
The first process of getting a visa is the passport picture.  Well, you
can imagine trying to find a place like that in the Dominican
Republic!  Finally, a local person guided us to this booth on the
street that was made out of cardboard.  Pretty interesting, but it
worked.  We proceeded to the Consulate, where we found a huge line
outside.  We went up to one of the guards to ask where we needed to go
and he let us directly in without waiting in line.  I guess we really
looked lost.  To top it off, no one in the U.S. Consulate spoke
English!  We went from window to window and explained what we needed.
At one point, we were given a letter and a number to be called.  But
neither Yang Zhe nor I could remember how it sounded in Spanish to know
if we were being called.  Once again, some locals helped us.  The day
turned out to be successful.  Afterwards, we joined the rest of the
team at practice.  As far as practice is concerned, it seemed to go
well.  The team cleared up a lot of things that were unclear; such as
coverage of the back row attack.  We had a separate practice from the
Dominican team, which was needed.  The match went okay, we seemed to
stay with them but were making too many errors when it counted the
most.  The results were as follows:

USPV    Dominican Republic
23 25
23 25
16 25

We made the papers again today.  I have copies of the articles and will
bring them home with me.  Some of the papers have web addresses, which
Ill include in tomorrows journal.

After the match, we had a mini-practice to work on explosive spike
approaches.  One of the Dominican team members stayed behind to work
with us.  She was very explosive and physical.

That is it for today.  Will send more updates tomorrow.

Thursday, February 17, 2000

As you can probably tell by my writing, we are on a bus heading to
Santiago.  We left the hotel around 7:30am.  Once we arrive into
Santiago, we go directly to practice.  After practice we check into
another hotel and prepare for tonights match.  The match is played in
a huge arena, and will be televised throughout the Dominican Republic.
We need to have a good showing tonight, Ill let you know how it goes.
Until then

Well, we started out really well and we won the first game 25-23.
Everybody looked sharp and everything seemed to be clicking.
Unfortunately, we went on to lose the next three games.  Heres how the
match turned out:

USPV (1)        Dominican Republic (3)
        25                      23
        22                      25
23 25
19 25

It will be interesting how the second group matches up with the

After the match we went out to dinner at this political building where
important political meetings are held.  We had a lot of important
people from the Dominican Volleyball Federation and representatives
from the Dominican Republics government present during the dinner.
There was a buffet dinner, outside with Salsa music playing it was
very festive.  The Dominican team showed us how to dance the Salsa!!
It was fun and interesting, but also a long night.  We didnt get back
to the hotel until around midnight, and we had an early breakfast call
with practice immediately following planned for the next day.

That pretty much sums up our Thursday.  One interesting factin the
Dominican, if people are trying to get your attention they hiss at
you.  Something strange that we had to get used to.  Also during the
match, Anne Eastman actually ran into a girl from Michigan that she
knew, who works and lives in the Dominican.  The world is certainly a
small place!

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