Movies about vball coaching/teaching kids...

Movies about vball coaching/teaching kids...

Post by John Kess » Sun, 28 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Flying back from the offices of the FIVB, on Swiss Air and watching
Dangerous Minds, brings out of the memory banks that there are films that
would be good for coaches to watch....Robin Williams in Dead Poets
Society, Stand and Deliver. I dunno, I am pretty tired, chalk it up to jet
lag. We are over the "Ocean Atlantique" at 972 Kph at 10100 meters,
outside air is -52 C....But I am going to pull words from this movie that
mean something about coaching, about teaching, kids this sport of
volleyball. In rambling Kessel form of course, for you to decipher in
part... If you have seen the movie, maybe it will jog your mind and give
you yet another idea, another muscle, to work better with the athletes you
teach.  If you have not seen it, go see it and take a printout of this as
a Cliff Notes to follow along...Then, some quotes that come to mind

OK the slate is clean, you all are starting with an A.

I'll help the hell you going to help me? You gonna psychologize
me? You gonna give me some good advice? - Just say no? I come from a
broken home and we are poor, how are you going to save me from my life?

To the kid expelled for fighting, she goes to the family's home and the
father says he will punish his son and she says no I am here just to tell
you your son is one of my favorites, he is very bright, funny,
articulate... (Later - that's cool..)

Why do I have to draw for it, that is the way it is now...

you have a choice, you can stay.  The people who do not get on the bus and
come here are choosing not to come... I will not lay myself down to die,
when I go to my grave my head will be high.

Whoever wins the Dylan Dylan contest, goes to the best dinner in the city
with me, who If you can find a poem done by Dylan Thomas that is like Bob
Dylan, you go to dinner with me...

Three won the dinner, yet she gives "prizes" to all those not getting the
right answer as sometimes it takes alot of wrong answers to get the right

He thinks I am weird...he does not he just sees your natural charm. I
didn't have nothing to wear, so you have to pay me back on the day you
graduate...OK you have my word...hey, it is a very nice jacket...

The mind is like a muscles each new idea gives you another choice and each
new fact gives you another muscle. If at the end, you are not, you have
lost nothing, but if you are, you'll be tougher...

Sometimes you start out wrong and just keep going...

She came to me with open arms, besides you have to have one of
these...nah, I can't rat on ratting on him, but you can kill
him...No, I sent him away...because he did not knock...they just found him
three blocks away, dead...

I won't be here next year...So how come you chose to leave...Emilio and
Callie and Lionel are gone, but what about us, we don't make you
happy?...Ain't no other teacher that will give me an A, you were
different, you let us start with an A.

You are our light, you can't give in, we won't give you up...

Keeping an A is harder than getting an A...


So these quotes pop to mind...

Education is not filling a bucket but lighting a fire. -William Butler

More than anything, your kids have to believe in the vision, so it1s all
one heartbeat coming at the opponents. - Gary Barnett Northwestern coach.

"Nobody is better than you until they prove it !!"  -  Robert Bishoff, An
Aussie coach pal - Brisbane QLD area, with neat ideas who lurks online but
never lets his great ideas out...come on Bish, give us a thought or two
for the sake of the sport...

So RSV, any other movies we should be watching as coaches, I I don't mean
Rudy or Field of Dreams types...

Regards from Chicago...

John Kessel
USA Volleyball Director of Programs
FIVB Technical Commission Secretary
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Movies about vball coaching/teaching kids...

Post by Bish » Tue, 30 Jan 1996 04:00:00

A Kessell challenge !!  Too good to resist.  Try the first of the Karate
Kid movies.  The old guy teachihg the kid how to fight is a lesson.  
Getting your players to watch this movie also, helps them understand
where you're coming from too !

The end is a fairy tale so skip it !

Everybody has some thing to each us about educating (coaching) players,
the trick is to remember the lessons.


Movies about vball coaching/teaching kids...

Post by Brad & Ang » Thu, 01 Feb 1996 04:00:00

I know John K had great movies in mind when he started this thread, but I
had a couple of good ideas from borderline flicks.  The first came from
the famed Caddyshack:  Be the ball - Make your future.  The second from
Clear and Present Danger (Which I thought was an excellent movie about
committment, pride & responsibility) the quote - Your word is who you
are.  Just a couple of thoughts.  I will try harder to come up with some
good shows.  ALD


Movies about vball coaching/teaching kids...

Post by SJS » Fri, 02 Feb 1996 04:00:00 you ever just sit and be entertained! :)  I love your
Have any of you seen the new flick,  "Mr. Holland's Opus"?  It is one of
the best I've seen in years.  Every teacher should see it.  Every
administrator should be required to view it several times.

A rather old movie that is also good is "The Blackboard Jungle".