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Tenerife, Men's Spain Open 1998
Wednesday, 2 September

In the last four matches of the day, disputed between the eight teams
that had only lost a match, the Russian team Kouchnerev-Karasev were
classified for the final series after defeating the Czech team
Pakosta-Dzavoronok. The German team Anton-Pomerenke was also classified
after winning its match against the Mexican team Ibarra-Gaca. In all
these matches the physical condition was a major factor, since the
strong heat and the number of matches made the difference for many

The Brazilian team Z Marco-Ricardo qualified after defeating the
Mexican team Jackson-Sotelo, 15-9 in 40 minutes in a hard match for the
Brazilian team taking into account that the Mexican one has a lot of
fans in Tenerife.

At noon the only Spanish team still remaining was Sergio Camarero and
Pepe Lago. The other three teams, that had already added a rout, were
disqualified one by one. In the most important match of the day for the
Spanish press, the Spanish team was defeated by the Japanese team
Noguchi-Morikawa, 12-15.

The first four teams to be classified surprised everyone by their great
physical force, an important aspect also showed by their rivals. That
was the reason why the matches were so equal, in spite of the one played
for the New Zealand team Seuseu-Eade who won by a comfortable 15-5 in 26
minutes against the Japanese team Noguchi-Morikawa. As far as it is
concerned to the Cuban team Milln Carvajal-Snchez with more resources
and variety of game than their rivals defeated an excellent split to the
Mexican team Ibarra-Garca by 15-11 in 49 minutes. The other Mexican
team, Jackson-Sotelo lost 13-15 in 50 minutes with the Italian team
Rafaelli-Pimponi. Until the last minute, the result was in the air.
Finally the Puerto Rican team Velasco - De Jesus defeated the Czech team
Pakosta -Dzavoronok by 15-13 in 70 minutes.

Tomorrow at 9,30 the final series will begin with the 8 teams that came
from the classification series and 24 that enter by own right in the
Main Draw. The current champions of the world Guilherme-Par and the
Gold and silver medallists of the Atlanta Olympics Kiraly-Whitmarsh and
many more will be there.

Tim Simmons, BFishInc