Canada vs. US - Saturday in Winnipeg (kinda long also)

Canada vs. US - Saturday in Winnipeg (kinda long also)

Post by Tom Stok » Tue, 25 May 1999 04:00:00

After last nights 5 game loss I was hoping for a little more from the US.  
Started out that way but ended up getting a little less.  Got there early to
talk to Darrel about the stats program (read the other post).  While there Marv
Dunphy was working with Chris Harger (should be Chris Larger - man is he big).
 Working on his arm swing and jump serve.  Something with his toss I think.  
Whatever it was it was to pay off later, at least for a while.

Game 1 - US starts Harger, McCaw, Landry, Hoff, Sorenson and Hyden in that
order but can't remember who served first.  Sullivan at Libero again all
evening.  Looked alot like the previous nights first game.  US 25-21.

Game 2.  Same lineup. Harger starts serving at 2-1.  Quits at 6-1, all great
serves (3's or 4's on a 4-0 scale).  Harger played well the first couple
of games.  Big booms.  About this time the US goes back to the previous nights
routine.  At around 15-15 Fuerbringer comes in for Landry.  Wife says it's
about time again.  US starts missing at many serves, passing not as crisp,
Canada 25-21.

Game 3.  Again same lineup with Landry back in.  Close game.  Harger starts to
miss serves.  US scores at to make it 21-21.  US gets soloed for 22-21 Canada
and blocked again for 23-21 Canada.  Canada subs middle for setter (sorry, I
hadn't seen that before and kinda liked it).  We side out once more and call it
a game.  Canada 25-22.

Game 4. Fuerbringer, Harger, McCase, Landry, Hoff and Sorenson.  Winslow
comes in for Harger mid point.  Pissed off the wife who has decided
Harger her man (guess she wants a middle who can actually thump the
ball, unlike me :-(.  Canadas middles are scoring pretty much at will, which
also means they're passing pretty well.  We finally block the first middle I
can remember to get to 19-16 Canada. Traded some sideouts along with giving up
a "real" point now and then.  Lost 25-19.  Out of the parking lot by 9:15.  In
the driveway at home by 11:30.  Rally point is great for getting you home
early, would have rather watched another hour or so of volleyball and got home

Overall we didn't pass real well, missed a ton of serves and we don't have the
outsides to pull it out when there's no other options.  Every level I've ever
watched, from the national team to my 14's team sounds like this.  Can't pass
or serve.  No terminator.  Sorry, better luck next time.

Like Sorensons attitude.  Watch him.  After a net call always stuck his hand
up, admitted it (lets not be stupid, he didn't do it before the call).  Always
seemed under control.  Unlike Landry who tryed to argue ever ball that was
called out.  Got this pouty face, like it was an X-files *** (sp?)
against him Mulder.

Maybe Barnett or Lambert would have made a difference on the outsides.  Of
course I mention the players the US was missed or could use.  I understand
Canada has a bunch of players that just got back from Europe so they were
probably tired and/or missing players as well.  Maybe Romain will be the
answer.  Never seen him in person so I have no idea how he'd do at the
internationall level.  Duerden made a huge difference when he came in Friday
and continued to do so.  Brousseau played well, especially when they didn't
need him as a first option.  Fun time to see volleyball at this level even if
they use all rally point and seem to have a rule that says you cannot make a
call on the first contact ever (Ball set/dug a ball with his hands below his
waist, pulled it up to his chest and made a nice pass to Sorenson.  Held on to
it long enough to be called for traveling in the NBA and we know how hard it is
to get that call).  Anyway, back to work, sorry for all the rambling.  Later,