USPV Five Day Journal from Japan

USPV Five Day Journal from Japan

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Day One
November 10, 1999
Nishio, Japan -- Training with Denso Team
After 13 1/2 hours on a plane, we arrived about 4:30pm in Osaka,
Japan.  The flight did seem to go by quickly with the help of three
movies, dinner, snack and breakfast to break up the time.  The airport
was alot different than what I had anticipated.  Instead of thousands
of people rushing around, there was hardly anyone around and processing
of our rail vouchers and money exchange was seamless.  The Denso Team
greeted us at the airport with their team bus to transport us to the
city of Nishio where the Denso volleyball facility is located.  Their
bus was quite impressive with full size TV sets and nice, plush seats.
There were little individual containers for your shoes.  We stopped at
a rest stop along the way for food.  Of course, the rest stops are much
cleaner over here than the ones back home.  The bus ride took about
five hours.  It's strange to see the drivers on the righthandside and
driving on the opposite side of the road.  Upon arrival at the Denso
Company, we were shown to our dorm.  Our rooms are on the fourth floor,
while the showers are located on the first floor.  The rooms are nice
but rather small with  two athletes assigned to a room.  We sleep in
bunk beds that have cage-like metal bars around the whole bed; many of
the players have bruises on their feet already.  One drawback to our
accommodations, are the big beetles we find in our rooms every night!

Day Two
November 11, 1999
Nishio, Japan- Training with Denso Team
We began our day with breakfast at 8:00am featuring eggs, "Texas style"
toast, orange juice and salad.  Yes, salad.  We eat breakfast right
down the street from where we are staying.  We will have every meal at
this place and it seems we are staying at the Denso factory plant.
Everyone that works there lives in this community.  So there's really
not much to do here.  There's no large town near by.  We played our
first matches against the Denso Team in the morning.  Denso Team would
win both matches in the afternoon but the scores were close.
For training purposes, the USPV is divided into two squads, the Red
Team and the Blue Team. The rosters for each squad are as follows:

        USPV Red Team           USPV Blue Team
        Jennifer Wrightson              Kim Young
        Molly Stark             Tiffany Carrethers
        Therese Crawford                Christy Cochran
        Anne Eastman            Cristy Chapman
        Lindsay Anderson                Colleen Neels
        Sarah Silvernail                Jaimie Lee
        Addie Hauschild         Patrice Arrington
        Zhe Yang

USPV Red Team   Denso Team
18      25
25      22
25      23

USPV Blue Team  Denso Team
21      25
25      23
25      22

As you can see both USPV teams took two games out of three. Arie
Selinger, Head Coach for the USPV commented on the USPV's performance.
"Unbelievable, surprising!" "We are much better than even I had
The results from the afternoon scrimmage were:

USPV BlueTeam   Denso Team
18      25
25      10
22      25
25      16
22      25

USPV Red Team   Denso Team
14      25
21      25
18      25
16      25
22      25

The food they are serving us is very American.  We had french fries
today at  lunch with the salad and some type of beef curry over rice.

Day Three
November 12, 1999
Nishio, Japan - Training with Denso Team
We ate breakfast again at 8:00am and practices starts at 9:30am and
goes until 12:30pm.  The Red Team won their match and the Blue Team
played a close match.  The results from both the morning session and
afternoon sessions were reported in by Sue Nucci, a member of the USPV
staff traveling with the team. Once again, the USPV Dream Team was
divided into two squads for the purpose of training.

Morning Session results were:

USPV Red Team   Denso Team
25      21
20      25
25      17

USPV Blue Team  Denso Team
29      31
25      20
21      25

Evening session results were:

USPV Red Team   Denso Team
15      25
12      25
25      22
21      25
12      15

USPV Blue Team  Denso Team
24      26
17      25
18      25
24      26
11      15

The Denso Team is much shorter than us, but much quicker.  They are
defensive studs and I think that is one thing we will learn from this
team.  Also, their ball control is amazing.  We, as a team, are playing
a much quicker game because of them.  Our lunch time is at 12:40pm and
the next practice session starts at 2:30pm and goes until 5:30pm.
After a couple tough scrimmages in the evening, we went to dinner at
6:30pm.  Tonight for dinner we had chicken *** with potatoes, salad
and this great corn soup with lots of bread.  After dinner, most people
call home, read or go to sleep.  There's really nothing to do in town.

Day Four
November 13, 1999
Nishio, Japan - Training with Denso Team
Breakfast was the usual -- texas toast with eggs.  We keep waiting for
pancakes, but somehow we doubt it.  During the morning session, we
joined the Denso Team during their practice.  Their coach was trying to
teach us how to play defense.  He kept making jokes about how tall we
are and that defense is much harder for us.  It was neat to have all
their players showing and teaching us.  I think it was fun for both
teams, although Denso makes it look smooth and easy.  At lunch we ate
hotdogs, fries and baked interesting combination.  At each
meal, they place big bottles of Coke and Diet Coke on the table, which
pleases everyone.  The afternoon session we scrimmaged again with both
teams.  The Blue Team won their match, but the Red Team wasn't so lucky.
Red Team               Denso Team
19                                         25
19                                         25
27                                         29
25                                         23
15                                         17
Blue Team             Denso Team
21                                   25
22                                   25
25                                   21
25                                   18
25                                   17

Day Five
November 14, 1999
Nishio, Japan - Training with Denso Team
This morning for warm ups we did aerobics and the Denso Team joined
us.  Following aerobics, we spent the morning concentrating on the
defense.  One of the Denso players, who used to play for Arie in Japan,
taught us how to drive and roll for a ball.  Everyone is bruised and
floor-burned now.  Chicken or maybe pork for lunch with the same salad
(it comes with every meal).  This afternoon we are playing with only
one team because the Denso Team has some injuries.  Before and after
every match they line up on the court, bow and exchange greetings.
Also, we are playing with the new international rule that if a ball
hits the net and goes over, it still counts as a good serve.  It's
really different, but we've adjusted well.  The results from the
afternoon scrimmage were:

USPV                  Denso Team
22                                25
23                                25
18                                25
17                                25
12                                25
Something the team finds interesting is that everywhere you go, you
remove your shoes.  At the dorms we have these little red slippers to
wear.  They are so tiny, they don't fit our feet!  Tonight we are
having steak for dinner.  Tomorrow we practice in the morning and then
head into Nagoya to watch the World Cup Tournament.

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