Karch’s 142 & Sinjin’s 139 - Book

Karch’s 142 & Sinjin’s 139 - Book

Post by Gene Mic » Sat, 01 Sep 2001 14:13:47

I had the opportunity to meet Art Couvillon at last weekends Manhattan
Open.  Art is a long-time fan of beach volleyball and a retired firefighter.
Art publishes Information Guides that help prospective firefighters obtain
the knowledge needed to secure a Fire Service career.  Art used his
Information Guides infrastructure, his beach volleyball historical
knowledge, and the many resources available to him in the volleyball
community to author and publish a book titled Winners Sinjin and Karch.

The book is awesome!  It documents every one of Sinjins 139 and Karchs 142
victories in 76 pages of side-by-side column accounts.  In most cases, it
gives a lot of information about each tournament.  I was surprised to learn
that one of the tournaments included in both the 139 and 142 numbers was an
invitational with only four top-teams invited!  I was also surprised to
learn that
the 1988 Manhattan Open was played with many of the top players drawn away
by the higher prize money at the Providence Rhode Island Open played on the
same weekend.  The booklet describes the tournaments that were finished by
the light of car headlights. Battles against Hovie-Dodd and much more are
described.  There are countless classic photos of many legendary players
throughout the book including one of Jim Menges with shoulder-length hair.
The back cover has some great color photos including one taken of Matt Gage,
Jim Menges, Steve Obradovich, Gary Hooper, Karch Kiraly, Sinjin Smith, Dane
Selznick, and Andy Fishburn posed
side-by-side at the 1980 Santa Barbara Open.

I havent finished reading the book yet, but I am so thrilled with it that I
wanted to share its availability.  The book can be purchased by credit card
for $12.95 by calling 1-800-347-3257.  Art also has a website
(www.firebks.com) where you can glean some more information.

(I dont mean for this to be an adverti***t.  I just thought that any fan
of pro beach volleyball would love to have this book.)

Take care,