Karch vs Sinjin

Karch vs Sinjin

Post by Joe Arki » Sat, 27 Jul 1996 04:00:00

This will be a historic event.

Last night's Olympic tv coverage had interviews with Sinjin and

Sinjin (exact quote):
"This will be the biggest match of my career!"

Karch (paraphrased):
"We're going to beat anybody we ply, whether they're Americans or
from any other nation!"

I'm having my son tape this one for me.

This is such a tough dilemma.  Karch represents all that is good
about beach volleyball you just want to root for him ... especially
given the fact that he's a 2-tiem gold medalist indoors.  Sinjin
represents a faction of old timers that laid the foundation for
pro-beach volleyball's rise to fame.  He's the underdog by AVP
pro-beach standards ... I can't help but root for him.


Let the play begin.  Let the chips fall as they will.

And _please_ ... let these 2 worlds (AVP/FIVB) come together for the
benefit of all.


Joe Arkin

"Work hard, play hard."


Karch vs Sinjin

Post by Absolut Pri » Sun, 28 Jul 1996 04:00:00

Finally Smith and Henkel proved that they could play with the best.  I hope
that this keeps Steffer's trash talking down from now on.
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