Columbia Doubles Volleyball--MD, VA, DC, PA

Columbia Doubles Volleyball--MD, VA, DC, PA

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COLUMBIA DOUBLES VOLLEYBALL ASSOCIATION hosts the largest outdoor Doubles Volleyball tournament
series in the world. CDVA operates in central Maryland and attracts volleyball players from
southern Pennsylvania, Maryland, ***ia, West ***ia, Delaware, New Jersey and North
Carolina. Columbia Doubles commits to providing the "ULTIMATE OUTDOOR DOUBLES VOLLEYBALL
EXPERIENCE." CDVA offers various levels; from the casual player to the "lets go out and kick
some butt" player to the player who thrives on competition (and hey, it is a great way to lose a
few pounds! :-) ).

Columbia Doubles season starts April 26, 1997 at Bull Run Park in ***ia.  Check out my web
site at:

for the latest information.  CDVA now accepts phone-in registration using the Discover Card.

Tell a friend--bring a friend!!  Hope to see ya there.  Stop by the tent and introduce yourself
and tell Tom you "Saw it on the 'net".