1995 U.S. Jr. Olympic BEACH Volleyball Championships/ FIVB Player Camp !!

1995 U.S. Jr. Olympic BEACH Volleyball Championships/ FIVB Player Camp !!

Post by John Kess » Tue, 27 Jun 1995 04:00:00

OK, you're thinking you are done with your season, right?  NOT.  We would like
your  help in getting kids the chance to play more volleyball (ie get better)
and learn. We are especially asking for YOUR HELP in getting this information
out to those athletes who might not be playing Junior Olympic Volleyball, and
who are playing beach doubles, against ***s or kids, at the park and rec
leagues, regional tours or the local volleyball hot spot.  The events we want
to see athletes at are:

July 12-13     FIVB Beach Volleyball Camp, Hermosa Beach, near the FIVB Arena
July 14        Rest day, watching first round of FIVB World Beach Series Main Draw
July 15        1995 U.S.  Jr. Olympic Beach Volleyball Championships, Manhattan Beach

The CAMP, sponsored by the FIVB, is part of a international program, taking
place in France, Brazil, Japan, Italy, Indonesia, South Africa and other
nations. It will be under the direction of FIVB Camp Instructor and Danish
Beach Volleyball Head coach John Eddo, with the assistance of  Dale Hoffman -
Executive Director of the California Beach Volleyball Association, WPVA and
AVP players/coaches, including Jon Stevenson and Pat Zartman and others, like
yours truly.  Groups will be organized by skill level. Participants will
receive a FIVB/USAV Beach Player Training Manual.  Cost for the two days
training is FREE!.  Sign up is from 8:30-9:00, Training both days is from
9:00-11:30 and 1:00-3:00pm.  Participants will receive quality coaching and
a certificate of participation mailed out by the FIVB.  If you are interested
in sending players or also coaching, contact our U.S. Olympic Committee intern
Amy McMahon at USA Volleyball (719) 637-8300,  or Dale Hoffman at
1-800-350-CBVA. Why not send kids to the camp, then to play ("resting" on the
14th) to the U.S. Junior Olympic Beach Volleyball Championships! This is why
the camp dates are when they are, to let your players do both.  

Manhattan Beach courts Saturday July 15th only, all day.  Age groups are 18,
16, 14 and 12 & under, for both boys and girls, with pools of 4-5 teams,
followed by an elimination playoff for the top teams.  Advance registration is
$12 for USAV/CBVA/AAU players and $17 for those not members of these
organizations.  On site, at the courts by the pier, using up to all 24 courts
as needed, may be slightly higher.  Each participant will receive a USJOV
T-shirt.  Special Centennial Awards will be given to the top three finishers
in each age division.  Last year's event had 70 teams in competition, and we
are expecting an even stronger showing this summer, including AAA players in
the 18 and under division.

Advance registrants can be made by calling the CBVA office, 1-800-350-CBVA,
Charlie Saikely Tournament Director at Manhattan Beach Park and Rec, 1400
Highland Drive, Manhattan Beach, CA, 90266.  (310) 5455631 x 321, or Amy at
USA Volleyball.  We need to know your age division, and partner,and you'll
need to bring a medical release form with you from your parents/guardians.
This release can be a copy of your USJOV Club medical release form, or wording
to the effect that "As parent/guardian of this participant, I hereby authorize
emergency medical treatment for this child." plus your name, address, phone
number and insurance carrier.  

Hotels are too numerous to mention.  Call Ginger at USA Volleyball travel.
1-800-24USVBA.   The official FIVB hotel is $99 at the LAX Airport Hilton,
call 310-410-4000,  is where most the international players coming in will be

This is a GREAT chance to see dozens of nations preparing for the
Olympics.   You know the kids who play with the ***s on sand or grass, they
have a real edge,much like Karch did and still does.  I again point out the
great value in getting kids to play on the beach this and every summer.  We
hope to see your players there, and you too!


John Kessel
USA Volleyball Director of Programs
FIVB Technical Commission Secretary
1 Olympic Plaza, Colorado Spgs, CO 80909              
FAX (719) 597-6307 / ((719) 637-8300W                



1995 U.S. Jr. Olympic BEACH Volleyball Championships/ FIVB Player Camp !!

Post by VolleyBa » Tue, 11 Jul 1995 04:00:00


Thanks for posting the top two in each of the Divisions completed to date.
 Is there a number I can call to get the complete results?  We competed
this year against several of the 14's Girl's teams participating and
curious to find out how they did.

Also thanks for pointing out the JO beach Championships this weekend at
Manhatten...we'll have a couple of teams participating as a result.