SPOILER: USA-Brazil men's semifinal RESULTS!

SPOILER: USA-Brazil men's semifinal RESULTS!

Post by Alan Jones,AMJ » Sun, 09 Aug 1992 05:31:26

  NOTICE!  This article contains the results of the USA-Brazil men's
           semifinal volleyball match!  Read on at your own risk!


  The USA won the first game 15-12, largely due to Brazil's 15 (!) service
  errors.  Brazil came back to win the next two games without a great deal
  of difficulty.  In the fourth game, the game was tied 4-4 when Brazil
  scored 8 unanswered points to bring it to 12-4.  But the USA made things
  interesting by coming back to within 1 point to 13-12, after which Brazil
  then scored 2 more to win the match.

  The USA's blocking was non-existent.  Almost every attack by Brazil would
  land untouched on the USA court.  The USA would have streaks of good
  blocking, which brought them close in several games, but the Brazilian's
  attacks were relentless.  I'd definitely say the better team won.