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OCEAN CITY, MD. - Olympians Holly McPeak and Nancy Reno seek their
third-straight "major" title on the Evian Women's Pro Beach
Volleyball Tour here this weekend (June 14-16) in the $100,000
Evian U. S. Open on Dorchester Beach.

Thirty-four (34) teams, including "newly-named" Olympic tandems of
Barbra Fontana Harris/Linda Hanley and Gail Castro/Deb Richardson,
have entered the Evian U. S. Open, the first of four "major" events
on the Evian Tour as women compete in DELMARVA-region for the

Seeded first in the Evian U. S. Open, McPeak and Reno captured the
final two "major" events of 1995 by winning the Evian National
Championships in August at Huntington Beach, Calif., and the Evian
Best of the Beach II in Hawaii last September.

McPeak and Reno were named last January as the United States' No.
1 women's beach volleyball tandem after finishing atop the 1995-96
FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championship-Series circuit as the pair
won six of the 10 international events.  The 1996 Atlanta Olympic
Games' beach volleyball competition is July 23-28 at Atlanta Beach
in Clayton County, Ga.

Fontana Harris and Hanley, who are seeded second this weekend,
secured the second spot on the United States Women's Olympic Beach
Volleyball Team for the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games by winning the
United States Olympic Beach Volleyball Trials in Baltimore last
Friday (June 7).

Seeded seventh this weekend, Castro and Richardson won four of five
matches at the Olympic Trials to secure the third spot on the
United States Olympic Beach Volleyball Team, including a 15-13
qualifying win over Elaine Roque and Dennie Shupryt-Knoop last
Sunday in Baltimore.

The Evian U. S. Open is also the third of five Evian Tour events to
be covered by ABC Sports as the Women's Professional Volleyball
Association reaches the midway point of its 10th-season of
operation.  The championship match will be taped by ABC Sports for
replay June 23.

The $100,000 prize money for the Evian U. S. Open will also mark
the richest purse in domestic women's beach volleyball history
exceeding the previous best of $75,000 for February's four-team
indoor event in New York.

The event is also the first-time that the Evian U. S. Open has been
held outside of the State of California as the previous eight
events have been staged in Southern California.  In addition, the
beach volleyball event is only the fifth-time an Evian Grand Slam
stop has been held east of the Pacific time zone.

The Evian Invitational, the "prestigious" eight-team event, has
been held on the eastern seaboard (1993 in Quincy, Mass., and 1994
and 1995 in Newport, R. I.).  The 1996 Evian Invitational will be
held Aug. 8-11 in New York's Central Park.

The three-day Evian U. S. Open is a "modified" double-elimination
event.  A four-team, six-match qualifier will play from 1-4 p.m.
(EDT) Friday (June 14) on Dorchester Beach to determine the final
two seeds in the 32-team main draw.

Championship competition starts at 9 a.m. Saturday (June 15) with
48 matches in both the championship and contender's brackets.
Twelve (12) teams advance to the final rounds of 14 matches Sunday
(June 16) at 8 a.m.

Four teams advance to the Olympic Crossing semi-finals at 11:30
a.m. Sunday (June 16) with the tournament finale is set for 3 p.m.
and will be taped by ABC Sports for replay June 23 from 3-4 p.m.

ABC Sports has provide coverage of Evian Tour events from Deerfield
Beach, Fla. (Apr. 7) and Hermosa Beach, Calif. (May 5).  ABC Sports
will also cover two other Evian Grand Slam events from New York
(The Evian, Aug. 11) and Huntington Beach, Calif. (Evian National
Championships, Aug. 18).

Four former Evian U. S. Open champions are competing this weekend,
including Janice Harrer (one), Castro (one), Angela Rock (one) and
Liz Masakayan (three).

The Evian Grand Slam series features the top four events on the
Evian Women's Pro Beach Volleyball Tour.  A pair of 32-team,
double-elimination tournaments, an eight-team shootout and a 12-
team international-style round-robin event/bracket make-up the 1996
Evian Grand Slam series.  

The 1993 season was the first full-year for the Evian Grand Slam
series with the Top of the Tour competition being added to the
series.  The Top of the Tour was replaced by the 1994 Evian Best of
the Beach as a "major' event.

There have been 26 Grand Slam events since the WPVA began operation
in 1987.  A total of 218 players have competed in Evian Grand Slam
events, including 186 in the Evian U. S. Open.  Of the 218 players,
116 have earned monies with the 26 events yielding a total of
$904,500.  Twelve teams and 14 players have earned Evian Grand Slam

Following the Evian U. S. Open, the Evian Tour will take a weekend
off as the top players compete in the third FIVB Beach Volleyball
World Championship-Series event in Hermosa Beach, Calif., June 19-

The event will be a preview of the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games beach
volleyball competition with all 18 international teams scheduled to
compete in the event at the Hermosa Pier.

McPeak and Reno will be seeded second in the competition behind
Brazilians Sandra Pires and Jackie Silva, who have won the last
three international stops.

In the past three international stops in Brazil, McPeak and Reno
have posted a fourth at the 1995-96 FIVB World Championships in
March followed by a fifth and ninth in the 1996 FIVB openers in
Marceio (Apr. 10-14) and Recife (Apr. 17-21).

                                        Evian U. S. Open
                         June 14-16 at Dorchester Beach, Ocean City, Md.
                                Official Seedings - June 13, 1996


 1.   Holly McPeak (61st Evian Tour event), Manhattan Beach, Calif./Nancy
      (62nd), Glen Ellyn, Ill. (19th Evian Tour event, 11 Evian Tour
titles, 88-
      11 Evian Tour match mark).
 2.   Barbra Fontana Harris (82nd), Laguna Beach, Calif./Linda Hanley
      Pacific Palisades, Calif. (8th, 25-11).
 3.   Lisa Arce (33rd), Manhattan Beach, Calif./Patty Dodd (96th), El
      Calif. (4th, 13-8).
 4.   Liz Masakayan (87th), San Diego, Calif./Angela Rock (82nd),
      Calif. (18th, 46-30).
 5.   Elaine Roque (130th), Malibu, Calif./Dennie Shupryt-Knoop (112th),
      (8th, 23-16).
 6.   Karrie Poppinga (21st), Mililani, Hi./Christine Schaefer (46th),
      Ky. (5th, 14-8).
 7.   Gail Castro (130th), Carlsbad, Calif./Deb Richardson (104th),
      Minn. (6th, 16-10).
 8.   Marla O'Hara (102nd), Agoura Hills, Calif./Ali Wood (64th), Redondo
      Calif. (19th, 51-35).
 9.   Janice Harrer (124th), Honolulu, Hi./Gayle Stammer (112th), San
      Tex. (6th, 14-10).
10.   Krista Blomquist (47th), Branford, Conn./Wendy Fletcher (73rd),
      Beach, Calif. (10th, 21-18).
11.   Marie Andersson (82nd), Hawthorne, Calif./Pat Keller (59th),
      Fla. (8th, 14-14).
12.   Danalee Bragado (33rd), Honolulu, Hi./Lynda Johnson (10th), San
      (2nd, 3-2.)
13.   Jackie Campbell (105th), Santa Barbara, Calif./Leanne Schuster
      Mesa, Ariz. (6th, 10-10).
14.   Erin Deiters (50th), Green Bay, Wisc./Alissa Lund (19th), El
      Calif. (4th, 5-6).
15.   Valinda Hilleary (42nd), Littleton, Colo./Monique Oliver (85th),
      Monica, Calif. (2nd, 2-2).
16.   Michal Clingman (41th), Raleigh, N. C./Evelyn Conley (80th),
      Beach, Calif. (2nd, 2-2).
17.   Stephanie Nelson (33rd), Monarch Beach, Calif./Liz Pagano (27th),
      Wash. (10th, 9-18).
18.   Nancy Mason (12th), Bellevue, Ill./Beth Schuler (24th), Raleigh, N.
      (2nd, 2-2).
19.   Lael Perlstrom-Fresenius (10th), Laguna Beach, Calif./Kristin
      (7th), San Diego (6th, 4-10).
20.   Julia Celotto (23nd), Eureka, Calif./Veronica Sanchez (15th),
      Monica, Calif. (1st).
21.   Marsha Miller (9th), Henrietta, N. Y./Darina Staneva (11th), Las
      Nev. (5th, 4-8).
22.   Mary Baily (37th), Calabasas, Calif./Shaney Fink (4th), Northridge,
      (3rd, 2-4).
23.   Jackie Auzias deTurenne (24th), Raleigh, N. C./Barbara Belding
(23rd), San
      Francisco, Calif. (3rd, 0-4).
24.   Jeannette Kollasch (10th), Palatine, Ill./Michelle Morse (19th),
      Rucker, Ala. (2nd, 0-2).
25.   Alicia Chung (8th), Capitola, Calif./Shana Wilson (6th), Dana Point,

      Calif. (5th, 1-8).
26.   Stacy Kammes (6th), Winfield, Ill./Amy Peistrup-Matthews (10th),
      Ill. (6th, 0-10).
27.   Laurie Ruser (6th), San Diego/Wendy Whiting (5th), Corona Del Mar,
      (2nd, 1-2).
28.   Julie James (3rd), Houston/Samantha Meador (5th), Houston (3rd, 0-
29.   Shannon Misek (6th), Littleton, Colo./Gina Pillitiere (11th),
      Beach, Calif. (4th, 0-2).
30.   Bonnie Levin (10th), Miami/Lynda Street (2nd), Jupiter, Fla. (1st)

                                     Qualifying Participants

31.   Wendy Martin (2nd), Antioch, Tenn./Teri Van*** (2nd), Nashville,
      (2nd, 0-0).
32.   Katie Lockwood (1st), Raleigh, N. C./Michon Lubbers (3rd), Fort
      Lauderdale, Fla. (1st).
33.   Jane Linn (1st), New York/Suzanne Trommer (1st), New York (1st).
34.   Sue Cunningham (1st), ***ia Beach, Va./Karen Hoyt (14th),
      Beach, Va. (1st).

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