1999 CIAU Women's Nationals, Day Two

1999 CIAU Women's Nationals, Day Two

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Match results from Day Two of the 1999 CIAU Women's Volleyball Championship
Tournament from Edmonton

Match #5
#4 University of Saskatchewan Huskies vs. #8 University of Moncton les Anges

Saskatchewan wins 3-0 (15-5, 15-9, 15-10) in 1h14min. Saskatchewan found
themselves without a regular Setter for this match after Setter Carlee
Thorsen injured her ankle yesterday. With the Huskies already minus their
back-up setter, also out with an injury, outside hitter Lindy Dunlop was
pressed into service again. There was nothing special about Saskatchewan's
offense, loopy 4's to the middles and high balls to the outside, but yet
they were able to prevail against the small team from Moncton. Les Anges
Bleus could tell where the sets were going, but could not stop the Huskies.
Outside hitter Chelsea Grimson had a great day hitting and threw in a couple
of service aces to boot. Lindy Dunlop was named the player of the match for
the Huskies, and it was well deserved for having to play out of position
like she did.

Match #6
#7 University of Toronto Varsity Blues vs. #6 Universite de Montreal

Montreal wins 3-2 (15-12, 16-14, 9-15, 12-15, 17-15) in 2h 39min!! This
match was every bit as close as the scores and rankings indicate. Both teams
played well and either could have won. Both teams used an awful lot of
step-arounds with good success for both sides. Montreal had three ladies
using a spike-serve, the most of any team in this tournament. One of
Toronto's most effective plays was setting Suzana Majcen in the pipe (middle
from the back row) in transition and free ball plays. Montreal wasn't able
to time their block perfectly for her and she had a lot of success. There
was a real moment of tension and humour in G5. Toronto up 15-14 (in rally
point, of course), and after a disputed call, the Montreal bench receives a
card, but the referee pulls out the red card by mistake. After holding it in
the air for what seemed like an eternity, she realized her mistake and
properly showed the yellow card much to the relief of the Montreal coaching
staff. Montreal recovered to win the match in what was the most exciting
match of the tournament so far.

Match #7
#5 Universite Laval Rouge et Or vs. #1 University of British Columbia

UBC wins 3-0 (15-1, 15-11, 15-7) in 1h04min. In another showing of why they
are ranked #1, UBC out-blocked and over-powered Laval to reach the finals.
Laval's passing was again not good, and as good as Setter as Julie Morin is,
her hitters were not able to overcome UBC's stifling blocks led by 6'4"
Joanne Ross. The UBC blocking won them the first game, and after that it was
errors caused by Laval's hitters trying to adjust to the block that took
over. UBC's offense was humming as well. Outside hitters Sarah Maxwell and
Barb Bellini's power was too much for Laval, and Joanne Ross was putting on
a clinic on how to run the Quick step-around, she was un-stoppable.

Match #8
#2 University of Manitoba Bisons vs. #3 University of Alberta Pandas

Alberta wins 3-1(7-15, 15-10, 15-9, 15-4) in 2h00min. In a rematch of last
year's Final, Manitoba was looking for some revenge, and for the first two
and a half games, Alberta seemed like they wanted them to have it. Alberta
made too many service errors in this match (actually, this SEASON), and they
just gave Manitoba chance after chance. Alberta had to work hard for their
points, and they would get up a few points, and then give Manitoba the
points with out having to work for them. Manitoba DID play well, though.
Christa Walker for Manitoba had a very good night. She was swinging hard and
making good things happen from the outside. Then, mid-way through G3,
Alberta miraculously stopped making the errors. Serves were going in, and
now the balls that the Bisons were digging in the first half of the match
were finding the floor. To start G4, Manitoba shanked three passes and let
two float serve aces drop (with a mild screening controversy), and there was
no recovering from that, and the Pandas cruised to a 15-4 win to move on to
the Final against Arch-Rival UBC.

Saturday's Matches

10:00AM MST
#4 University of Saskatchewan Huskies vs. #6 Universite de Montreal Carabins
for 5th Place

12:00PM MST    Bronze Medal Match
#5 Universite Laval Rouge et Or vs. #2 University of Manitoba Bisons

4:00PM MST     1999 CIAU Women's Final Match
#1 University of British Columbia Thunderbirds vs. #3 University of Alberta

**Alberta defeated UBC 3-2 to win 1996-97 Final and defeated UBC 3-2 in
1997-98 Semi-Final match.