Outdoor rules question

Outdoor rules question

Post by Baron K Fujimo » Sat, 07 May 1994 18:50:30

: >In article (The Mad Russian) writes:
: >>I've been told that either the FOVA or AVP rules do not allow you to
: >>attack a ball with your feet ...

: >I'm just curious how one would attack with feet or legs.

:     Jump spinning roundhouse kicks.

:     It's a real sport in southeast Asia, e.g. Vietnam, Cambodia, et al.
:     It's played on a badminton court and net with a hollow wicker ball
:     slightly larger than a softball, each team has six players (I think)
:     and three contacts per rally like volleyball, and you must kick,
:     knee, or head the ball like soccer.  I've forgetten its name.

:     Height is moderately important, but flexibility is much more useful.
:     The ideal players are a little thin and can do the splits.  The best
:     attackers really do spike downwards with their feet; at the moment
:     of contact, the spiker's attacking foot is above his head.

I have seen people playing this game.  All I could think to myself was,
"and you though volleyball skills were difficult!"


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